Taking advantage of the inexpensive transportation option with your dog is really easy in the Czech Republic. Maybe not as streamlined and intuitive to figure out (as a foreigner) as say … Switzerland… but it’s pretty darn amazing. The reason I say this,  has nothing to do with its pet friendliness; because it IS very pet friendly. No, our caveat has more to do with some areas being tougher […]

It’s going to be a short post today because when it comes to taking Swiss Public Transportation With a Dog, you’re in luck! The Swiss pretty much follow the same approach as their neighbours Italy and France. First, though, let me tell you about the General Abonnement (GA) card. This travel card has a host of benefits. In addition to letting you take the train anywhere in Switzerland, the […]

Buses in Italy are small dog friendly.  During our 3-week stay in Tuscany (that included a day trip to Rome) we took our fair share of them.  That is the beauty of Europe in general; public transport is – well … public.  Little old ladies can take their pets to the vet.  Kids can take their small dog to a nicer dog park using the bus. People go […]