Our pied-à-terre while on the French Riviera … pied-à-terre … “foot on the ground,” a small living unit some distance away from an individual’s primary residence … pied-à-terre on the French Riveria … Doesn’t that sound just so fine?  And, oh, it was! Our pied-à-terre was in Nice, not too far from the lovely old port, the famous Promenade des Anglais, and all the fun to be found […]

Something I love about living in our Nation’s Capital is that we have the advantages of the city with quick access to the country. A quick hop in our car and 20 minutes from home, we are in the deep woods over the Canadian shield, on a trail in the Gatineau Park. We have the best of both worlds. Turns out that Philadelphians have the same luck. A […]

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Located near Primorsko, Beglik Tash is a recent discovery.  The site was found on the hunting grounds near the residence of former communist head of the state, Todor Zhivkov.  This is how one of the greatest discoveries regarding Thracian history on the southern Black Sea coast, remained unknown to archeologists until 2003. This property is now open to the public, and an aura of myths, legends, theories and speculations surround […]

Because we only spent about 2-3 hours in Burgas, I can’t go into a long review of the city. I can point you to the Wikipedia page for all its history. It’s a lot like the other towns in the region:  Built up by the Thracians, and lots of warring well into the Middle Ages and Byzantine rule and then of course the Ottoman invasion, WWI and WWII and so on. […]

I want to share with you an eerie yet lovely local treasure we discovered in the quaint little town of Chelsea, a 15 minute drive from our home; just in time for Halloween. Forgive me for squeezing it in between posts on Bulgaria. One day after a particularly long hike in the Gatineau Hills, we decided to stop at Luigi’s for dinner. It’s close to St. Stephen’s Church in Chelsea. And […]

On Easter weekend, the bipeds and I made our monthly pilgrimage to a fresh water spring not too far from our home. The spring is one of those little local treasures we discovered when being tourists in our own neck of the woods. It’s on the way to a small, dog friendly town named Wakefield. I’ve mentioned this village before and will likely mention it again. We really […]

I love listening to humans. They say the strangest things. They have sayings they bandy about, often without really thinking about what the words literally mean.  “It’s raining cats and dogs,” for example. I hear this and can’t help but have a disturbing mental image.  *shudder* Another saying I hear a lot is, “It isn’t what you know but who you know.” Now, this little gem has often made my […]

We were lucky enough to spend a day enjoying the beauty of some of the Travis County Parks. This collection of parks, totalling about 22 in all, is an extraordinary concept. Each individual park has something different to offer. Some focus on hiking, horseback riding and mountain biking. Other parks offer fishing, bird watching, camping, rock climbing and more. With so many parks to choose from, we had […]

A third visit to one location is unusual for us. We simply feel that there is just too much world to see in far too little time!  Why then, would we return to the same place over and over again? Because some places … just feel like home. I believe that is what has happened with our penchant for Naples, Florida in the USA . Certainly I enjoyed […]

It was 10:30 a.m. on a hot and sunny May morning in Naples Florida when we made our way to 99 Riverside to see for ourselves the much talked about “new” Off-Leash Dog Park . Nicknamed “Central Bark” this facility is open, like the city’s other parks, from dawn to dusk seven days a week. The irony here is that we are not off-leash-dog park lovers. We often […]