It had always seemed odd to us that an outdoor space, with grass, paths and plants would have a no dog policy.  But that is sadly often the case in parks and gardens these days.  Even Florence (Tuscany), one of the most dog friendly places we have ever been, had one such anomaly.  The Boboli Gardens there are closed off to dogs. As a result, I have never […]

Maybe it is the sun that makes the folks in Florida so happy and dog friendly … maybe … okay well I don’t know… but I must admit that they “get it” in the sunshine state when it comes to providing a safe haven for dogs that are travelling with their bipeds. In November 2010 – we had the pleasure of arriving in (and later departing from) Miami […]

Florence, as was described in our post, is not only a city that was so inclusive of dogs that the bipeds are seriously thinking we should all just move there … but it also boasted some really amazing dog parks. For a relatively small city center (we did not visit the “suburban” areas) we found a surprisingly large number of dog parks and it seemed that every small […]