Taking advantage of the inexpensive transportation option with your dog is really easy in the Czech Republic. Maybe not as streamlined and intuitive to figure out (as a foreigner) as say … Switzerland… but it’s pretty darn amazing. The reason I say this,  has nothing to do with its pet friendliness; because it IS very pet friendly. No, our caveat has more to do with some areas being tougher […]

How very strange that I have not yet written this post, Dear Reader. Perhaps it’s because I shy away from anything that looks like a product review, but it is time that I share with you the top 10 things to look for when purchasing an airline-approved pet carrier. It’s likely to be the most important purchase you’ll make for international travel with your small pet! And just […]

I am writing this to you from Miami as I enjoy the hospitality of Kiki Hamann and her wonderful husband Alex at “The Maison”. Why am I here you ask? Well, at the risk of tooting my own horn, I was nominated for, not just one but two Dog of Hamann Awards! I will write a post on the entire experience – THAT is a promise!It has been […]

  We move around … a lot.  Usually I walk.  In fact my bipeds insist. I am after all a dog and what should a dog do? Walk, run and gallivant as often as possible. So I do, because a happy dog is a tired dog.  Occasionally however, it just isn’t practical or, as is the case with air travel for example… allowed. A Bag for Every Situation […]

We are minimalists and have chosen to live in a moderate space to avoid accumulating more “stuff” than we need. Because the square footage is reduced every single item that comes into our home has to serve a purpose.  In fact multi-functionality is preferred. But even in a small space, everyone should have a spot that is his or her own.  Somewhere others may have access to but […]

One of the oldest methods of transportation dates back to the 1880s … the bicycle! A marvel of engineering that forever changed the world on almost every continent.  Although there are no tips on riding a bike with a small dog, my biped Mom loves a blog called Girls and Bicycles that deals with trying to get North Americans to see the bike as something other than a […]