We live a charmed life. Truly. I think it is important to say that out loud. To acknowledge it. So many times things happen and we are not sure what we did to deserve it. We are, however, incredibly grateful that they do. Like the time we were at The Maison enjoying the Kiki Hamann hospitality and were kidnapped by Anastasia the Great and George and were whisked […]

I love listening to humans. They say the strangest things. They have sayings they bandy about, often without really thinking about what the words literally mean.  “It’s raining cats and dogs,” for example. I hear this and can’t help but have a disturbing mental image.  *shudder* Another saying I hear a lot is, “It isn’t what you know but who you know.” Now, this little gem has often made my […]

If you are most familiar with travelling in Europe and large North American cities, you could be forgiven for thinking that a Miami suburb that is a major agricultural area would have little to offer visitors. In the case of Homestead and The Redlands, you would be wrong. As with almost all North American destinations, a car is in order. Nothing is within walking distance so you will […]

We love a mystery. We are fans of things that can’t quite be explained. That is how I know that one day I shall see Stonehenge, for example, or the great pyramids of Egypt. With luck, both! I recently got see one such place. It was much closer to home and it is, much to my delight, very pet friendly.  It has been featured in hundreds of newspapers and […]

It had always seemed odd to us that an outdoor space, with grass, paths and plants would have a no dog policy.  But that is sadly often the case in parks and gardens these days.  Even Florence (Tuscany), one of the most dog friendly places we have ever been, had one such anomaly.  The Boboli Gardens there are closed off to dogs. As a result, I have never […]

During our stay in Naples, the bipeds decided that enough was enough and that I too deserved a beach day.  Preferably a beach that was large and had no unruly “pounce on you enough to kill you” sized out of control dogs.  When speaking on the phone to the cousin (our out of town lovely hostess), Sanibel Island was mentioned as a perfect day trip.  So we planned […]

After spending a few days in Key Largos with nothing to see on land, the bipeds were itching to have a town to visit and something historical to enjoy.  So we decided to get a move on and start driving/travelling to Key West with a small dog … me!  So, we all woke up early one morning and got in the car and drove the spectacular route between Key […]

Travel to the Everglades with a small dog and taking an Airboat Tour sounded like a great idea! If you’ve never been to Florida, and you have never seen these particular everglades (and if you are/were a CSI Miami fan like” mom” was before they gave up cable…) then there is one thing you really want to do; an Airboat Everglades Tour.  The Bipeds were faced with two […]

My bipeds like to dive. So it was only normal that, after 10 days in Naples Florida they’d want to switch things up and go east and hit so prime scuba locations.  They settled on Key Largo because divers agree that it’s pretty darn good diving.  By the long evening conversations; the play by play descriptions I got to hear, they were not disappointed in that regard! Now […]

Traveling to Naples Florida USA with a small dog is going to one of those places that, as a Canadian Dog – I associate with the term Snow Bird.  So, at the tender age of 7 months, it seemed that perhaps this was a slightly premature destination choice for my bipeds and me.   But, when Mom’s cousin offered us her place near the Venetian Village for two weeks […]