I will not beat about the bush, Dear Reader. Nope. The main reason to visit the old medieval town of Tournus is to see the beautiful 11th century Abbey of Saint Philibert. It is one of the oldest monastic centres in France. It’s been around for over a thousand years and still looks amazing.     At one time, Saint Philbert was a cultural centre with a […]

From the Promenade du Paillon (Don’t miss Part I of my Nice City Review!), I went on to visit old Nice proper. Unlike so many of the towns and villages nearby, the old town of Nice does not have a large number of you-can’t-miss-this historical sites. But the old town is still absolutely charming, and instead of being a “town museum”, it’s where people live. There’s activity day and […]

Flying to Charles de Gaule, Paris with a dog is easy.  Well a small one anyway. But if there is one thing that is always intimidating when traveling, it is a very large, complex and chaotic airport. Charles de Gaulle – Paris International Airport – falls in that category.  The airport has grown over the years adding extensions and new terminals here and there without a seemingly logical […]

Ah Paris …A city filled to the brim with ideas, architecture, art and a certain flair for everything from food, to fashion to simply knowing how to live life well.  It is a city that inspires and attracts all sorts of people in the world, from Hemingway to the Impressionists and I believe it might well be the city that has the most songs written about it.  For […]

This will be a short post.  I just wanted to take a moment to thank all the people that have made it possible for me to have all the paper work needed to go on vacation with the bipeds (October  2011) to Florence Italy and Paris France. So I need pet papers for Italy and France! or do I…? Ha! Nope! Because once inside the EU I am […]