I have told you about flying Olympic Airways and staying at the Sofitel Athens Airport Hotel, but it occurred to me that I didn’t review the airport itself. But what can I tell you about an airport?  Is Athens any different than any other? Athens International Airport is the primary civilian airport serving Athens  and the surrounding area, and is the major hub and base of Olympic Air. The […]

When our wonderful travel agent Danielle informed Mom that the only way to get from Athens to Sofia was to fly with Olympic Air… Mom’s eyebrows rose very high. In fact I recall her asking: “Are you certain?” and there was a pause and then a head nod. Mom sat in her chair and I could see that she was trying to decide if this was acceptable. Not […]

I have wanted to try out a Sofitel Hotel for some time now. I almost did when we went to Paris, but a change of plans landed us in a charming little “real Parisian hotel” instead. No regrets there at all.  And because we tend to stay in apartments or couch surf with friends (FANS!) we actually don’t spend much time in hotels. That makes reviewing them a […]

The one question that keeps popping up regarding our trip to the Cyclades is: “What were the beaches like?”.  It’s a single minded question that comes up over and over. And hey – don’t get me wrong I love a great beach just as much as anyone … I mean see?     Yep I love me some good sand! Always have — ever since I first discovered […]

Behind Naxos is a series of small islands known as The Little Cyclades or “Back Islands”.   They number about 12 in all but only 4 are inhabited; Donoússa, Páno Koufoníssi, Skhinoússa, and Irakliá. I’ll admit Dear Reader, that I am not sure if the name “Back Islands” comes from “being behind” or” at the back of” Naxos or if it is because they are the last of the islands in […]

Poor Ios. No really. I have never felt an island was more misrepresented than Ios. It’s “the Crazy Party Island” right?  But there is so much more than that to Ios.  Even if the reputation is actually well deserved… and trust me we saw some crazy stuff… but it’s not all there is. You see Dear Reader; silly young humans will start to party at around 10:30-11:00 p.m. and […]

*Warning LONG Post ahead* If there is one thing I remember of Naxos it is the intensely loud and persistent sound of Cicadas having their own House Party in every. single. tree. No seriously … it was CRAZY!  But I am running ahead of myself once again.  *sigh* I’ll never catch my tail at this rate! Naxos is the largest of the Cyclades Islands, at 430 Km2 (167 […]

There is a little known, best kept “secret” in Athens. And I am about to share it with you Dear Reader. If you are anything like my bipeds, there is something rather intimidating in trying to use public transportation in a country where you can’t read the signs. It’s not a language barrier thing… that they can manage… the alphabet is very literally … different. It’s cyrillic. Add […]

One of the great things about traveling in Greece is how accessible the islands actually are from the mainland. You can leave from Piraeus (Athens) and go … pretty much anywhere – even outside of Greek waters! There are slow ferries and there are fast ferries.  The difference in time can be substantial (several hours) depending on how far you have to travel, and in our case that […]

After our wonderful stay on Santorini (a.k.a. Thira) our fearless Captain Toby took us out for a four hour sail to a very little known island called Folegandros. According to that all knowing source of information called Wikipedia:  “…little is known about the ancient history of Folegandros. Its inhabitants were Dorians. Later it came under Athenian rule. The island was conquered in 1207 by the Venetian Marco Sanudo and remained […]