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We regret not having more time at this hotel; or Athens for that matter. Due to major delays caused by storms we lost a day and night in Athens; our time thus limited to a single quick evening on the town and one night at the Acropolis Hill Hotel. We were already impressed with the hotel before we even arrived. We had come across it on Trip Advisor when doing a search for […]

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We arrived on Santorini island (also known as Thira) from Athens after a long ferry ride at the principal port of Athinias.  After pushing our way through the crowds, and after some negotiation with different bus drivers, we finally made our way to Oia (The “o” is silent thus pronounced Ia). We drove through the capital of Fira – a much busier place than where we were headed.  You see […]

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It has been a long time since we have truly fallen in love with a hotel. That’s why I am jumping the gun a little here and going straight to this hotel review. There are other airlines, airports and hotels to review not to mention sooooo many stories to share, but Dear Reader, I can’t honestly wait to tell you about this hotel. We stayed at Oia’s Sunset […]

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I am in Bulgaria as this post is being written. I have SO many stories to tell it will be a challenge to keep them all straight! This trip was not an easy one to plan.  Those of you who follow me on Facebook saw that our plans changed more than once and other plans were deferred. We had hoped to go to the Ukraine to see and couch […]

Those of you who follow my day-to-day shenanigans on Facebook will have read my recent status update about having to eliminate not one, but two destinations from our 2013 summer trip. The trip was supposed to go like this: June 26th to July 11th — In Greece, including a few nights in Santorini, a 10 day sailing voyage, and a day in Athens. July 11th to July 17th — […]