Every year, at the end of May, Ottawa goes crazy with thousands (and I do mean thousands!) of tulips. If it’s May in Ottawa, it has to be the Tulip Festival. The full story of the Tulip Festival is a wonderful story of friendship. The quick synopsis goes like this: During World War II, Canada provided safe haven to the Dutch royal family, sheltering them from the three year […]

  I was totally stoked to fly KLM. I had heard good things about pet travel with the airline so was looking forward to living the KLM experience myself. I wanted to report back to you Dear Reader on Taking KLM flights with your Dog in Cabin. It started off very well on the Canadian side. There is a bus connecting Ottawa to Montreal, which is included in […]

Why should I write about flying to Amsterdam Airport with a small dog? Well, you know you’re a serious traveller when you follow the votes for the best airports every year. It’s like the Oscars, only without the fanfare. And I get totally excited when I can say, “Wow, I made it to three of those!” This year’s winners? Take a look. (PS – How #10 even got […]