Last spring I went to Montreal. It was one of those quick little overnight trips. It started on Saturday morning with my anaesthetic-free teeth cleaning in Laval. (Sadly, this service is no longer available anywhere in Ontario or Quebec.) From there, we went on to Montreal proper where I had a lunch at the Hot Dog Café. The next day, we enjoyed a snowy walk in the Park […]

If staying somewhere more than three nights, we prefer to stay at a vacation rental rather than a hotel. But when we discovered the very well located Old Stone Inn, we decided to give this pet friendly hotel a try. After all, it would give us something to blog about! The hotel’s website is really well done. It certainly sheds the most flattering light on what the hotel has to […]

I have wanted to try out a Sofitel Hotel for some time now. I almost did when we went to Paris, but a change of plans landed us in a charming little “real Parisian hotel” instead. No regrets there at all.  And because we tend to stay in apartments or couch surf with friends (FANS!) we actually don’t spend much time in hotels. That makes reviewing them a […]

We regret not having more time at this hotel; or Athens for that matter. Due to major delays caused by storms we lost a day and night in Athens; our time thus limited to a single quick evening on the town and one night at the Acropolis Hill Hotel. We were already impressed with the hotel before we even arrived. We had come across it on Trip Advisor when doing a search for […]

Canada, the USA and much of Europe is now dotted with lodgings welcoming dogs. In fact, as time passes it is becoming easier all the time! You can find everything from pretty vacation rental apartments, inexpensive motels, and lovely bed-and-breakfast inns not to mention expensive boutique hotels, classic five star luxury or even glamping option! Although the price range and style vary significantly, the basic dog etiquette rules are the same […]

We are minimalists and have chosen to live in a moderate space to avoid accumulating more “stuff” than we need. Because the square footage is reduced every single item that comes into our home has to serve a purpose.  In fact multi-functionality is preferred. But even in a small space, everyone should have a spot that is his or her own.  Somewhere others may have access to but […]