Call me spoiled, Dear Reader, but I was a little bummed on our last trip. See, I collect a flag patch for every new country I visit, but because I had already been to France, I would only have one new patch to collect on this trip — one from Switzerland. But I forgot about visiting the second smallest independent state in the world — after the Vatican […]

Our pied-à-terre while on the French Riviera … pied-à-terre … “foot on the ground,” a small living unit some distance away from an individual’s primary residence … pied-à-terre on the French Riveria … Doesn’t that sound just so fine?  And, oh, it was! Our pied-à-terre was in Nice, not too far from the lovely old port, the famous Promenade des Anglais, and all the fun to be found […]

We’ve never really had a Dream Trip before.  In the past, our trips have been smaller and built around specific interests or activities. For example, our love of scuba diving – ahem, the bipeds’ love of scuba diving; I hate the water – would take us to the best reefs. Our love of architecture, art and history landed us in Florence. Other times, a movie showing an amazing […]

When we made our announcement about sailing around the Mediterranean, we were surprised by people’s positive energy and enthusiasm for our plans. We had expected a few naysayers and a few “you are crazy – no way – don’t do it!” type of comments. Instead, we were flooded with an avalanche of supportive emails. And then we got this message: “Be aware. Any sort of long term travel is incredibly selfish.” […]

(Please note that the trip has been sadly deferred read about why here)   Dear Readers, I may have mentioned or alluded to this in passing before, but now it’s official: The Montecristo Travels Team will be sailing around the Mediterranean! I know, right? I’m so psyched! Like so many great adventures, a simple idea is, in fact, something far more complicated to realize. We certainly could go […]