Every year, at the end of May, Ottawa goes crazy with thousands (and I do mean thousands!) of tulips. If it’s May in Ottawa, it has to be the Tulip Festival. The full story of the Tulip Festival is a wonderful story of friendship. The quick synopsis goes like this: During World War II, Canada provided safe haven to the Dutch royal family, sheltering them from the three year […]

The Ramada Ottawa on the Rideau is the best and most affordable pet friendly hotel in Ottawa, Ontario Canada. No word of a lie. Don’t believe me? Keep reading! I have seen hotels offer free stays or some other incentive in exchange for a review by a social-media-blogger-sweetheart. It’s marketing and I get it. But I don’t trust sponsored reviews as much as I trust those that are […]

I wanted to love Niagara-on-the-Lake. I really did. And I liked it. I would even say I liked it a lot. But I did not love it. Niagara-on-the-Lake With a Dog is just not … *sigh* I think it happens to every traveller. You hear about a place. It could be the Taj Mahal, The Great Wall of China, or Cinque Terra. People rave about it and you think, […]

I don’t often go to super touristy places, but you know what, Dear Reader? Sometimes you go and it turns out that the place is popular because it deserves to be. Now granted, the city of Niagara Falls isn’t much to go on about. It’s pretty standard stuff: lots of cookie cutter homes in odd mismatched neighbourhoods, big hotels, no landscaping along the roads, and parking lots. Lots […]

One morning in August, Dad woke up and, just like that, announced, “Let’s go discover Smiths Falls.” Since Mom and I are always up for a little adventure, we quickly got ourselves ready and off we went: me with a dried sausage treat in my mouth, Mom and Dad with their morning vegan protein shakes. While in the car, Mom pulled out her smart phone and did a […]

When you are next in Kingston – because after my review of Kingston, you are going to go, right? – I recommend taking the ferry to Wolfe Island for a day of relaxed adventure. You will not regret it. Wolfe Island, named after General James Wolfe (“Wolfe” with an “e,” not my ancestors), is the largest of the world-renowned Thousand Islands. It’s located where Lake Ontario ends and […]

There are not many small cities in Canada that pack the historical punch that Kingston does. The city’s motto is “Where history and innovation thrive,” and it certainly has the history part covered: The city’s nickname is “Limestone City” because of the many heritage buildings constructed using local limestone. There are nearly 700 properties listed in the heritage register. The Rideau Canal, along with the fortifications at Kingston, […]

The fun thing about having a travel blog is that you occasionally end up checking something out you would normally ignore… just in case it might make for a fun, or at the very least interesting, post.  That is how we ended up stopping at the kitschy monstrosity that is “The big Apple”. Located between Toronto and Kingston, Ontario “The Big Apple” is a bakery, restaurant and roadside […]

About an hour or so west of Toronto, just off Highway 27, is a little town called Kleinburg. Even if barely a village – and really, just an enchanting street – Kleinburg is one of those places that seems to eat, breathe, and sleep its history.     Before visiting Kleinburg, print (or upload onto an e-reader or smart phone) the 38-page walking tour guide you can find […]

Have you ever heard the expression, “Don’t judge a book by its cover”? Well, I hadn’t until recently, and when I did hear it, I admit I did not really understand it. Until now. I was recently in Toronto for 4 days and 3 nights. We were lucky enough to have family offer to pay for 2 nights out of our 3 and book our accommodations at the […]