I am actually surprised it has taken us this long to write this post. Not because we have a tendency to travel to dangerous destinations with (for example) unpredictable weather, but because Mom is an Emergency Management and Business Continuity Planning professional.  As a result, this line of thinking is actually a part of our day-to-day thought process.  Not everyone has these “dark” thoughts on their mind when going on vacation but […]

  “It’s difficult / a challenge / hard to travel with a dog.” Ack! No, it’s not! In our opinion, it is no more difficult to travel with a dog than with kids. But you don’t see every post on travelling with children start with a caveat about how challenging it is. As you can tell, this issue is a little pet peeve of ours.  That kind of […]

Last week, I started my list of top 10 tips and tricks for traveling light. I proposed five major considerations: Destination: The Culture and Climate Activities: The What One Carry On: A Single Bag Capsule Wardrobes: Oh, The Clothes! Underwear: The Nitty Gritty This week, I’ve got five more tips and tricks for you, Dear Reader. So, without further delay, let’s get back to packing! 6. How to Pack: […]

Mom is an expert packer. It’s not just a boast; it’s a fact. When this news got out on Facebook, many people asked her for her tips and tricks. So, although her advice is not directly related to travel with your dog, here are her thoughts on packing light. I questioned her thoroughly and then put together a list of her top 10 suggestions. It’s a lot of information, […]

Flying for many has become the necessary evil one has to survive in order to enjoy a new and wonderful destination. The feeling is understandable. More people are flying; stringent security has resulted in longer lineups; the seats in aircrafts are narrower and closer together in order to cram as many people on board as possible; food quality has gone – pardon the pun – to the dogs; and […]

We are minimalists and have chosen to live in a moderate space to avoid accumulating more “stuff” than we need. Because the square footage is reduced every single item that comes into our home has to serve a purpose.  In fact multi-functionality is preferred. But even in a small space, everyone should have a spot that is his or her own.  Somewhere others may have access to but […]

Update 2017: Video below! Original Post from 2012. “What about … bathroom breaks?” This is the #1 question we get from those unfamiliar with traveling with a small dog. It is a logical query since unlike a road trip you can’t exactly land a plane or stop a train while on route so that your dog can relieve him/herself.  For most, canine diapers are not a solution either. […]