Driving a convertible. The bipeds were bit by that bug on our trips to Florida. They loved it. Dad liked the sense of freedom and Mom kept leaning back to let the sun kiss her face.  Sometimes her hands would fly up in the air and she’d squeal in delight, making Dad laugh.  No one cared that their hair was getting messed up. Oh, the wind, the sun […]

Oh do we have a GREAT interview for you today!  Hang on Dear Reader because it’s all about motorcycles, philanthropy, and an all American, world record breaking road trip! I am thrilled to welcome ScootinAmerica to the Montecristo Travels “special correspondent” series—the series in which we prove we are not the only ones travelling with our pet, and our first step in building a community of people passionate […]

This past August, we had the great luck of being invited again to visit our friends on the Jersey Shore. We couldn’t resist the lure of Brigantine and the quiet relaxation it promised. Since our trips tend to be very go-go-go, the idea of simply enjoying the sun and surf and taking many naps sounded just about right. The trip would allow us to enjoy a full 10 […]

In my last blog, I mentioned that the old town of Niagara-on-the-Lake, although lovely, is not enough to occupy you for an entire day. Add the surrounding area to your visit, however, and you have more things to choose than time to see! And that is how we like it. The highlight of our visit was Fort George, but I will cover that in its own post next […]

One of the things that make road-trips fun are the stops you make along the way. Being in the car and seeing nothing but highway isn’t my idea of a good time, but I can manage it for a while if I know that we will stop to explore and discover new sites. This is why we dig out a map before we go and play the 100-mile-game […]

We have been doing a lot of driving lately. We have travelled more kilometers (miles) in the last four months than we normally do in a year. It started with a short trip to Toronto and Kleinburgh in May, then a long road-trip that took us through two provinces and three states visiting wonderful places such as Binghamton NY, Brigantine and Atlantic City on the Jersey Shore, splendid […]

As travellers, we have seen our fair share of highways.  And highways in North America have their own, odd ball markers. In Canada, I can think of the giant apple near Trenton, the world’s largest hockey stick on Vancouver Island, Calgary’s giant Guitar Pick, the Pysynka (Easter Egg) of Vergreville; and in Quebec, they had Le Madrid. The story goes, that it all started because a man, named […]

Located along the shores of Lake Brome in the Eastern Township area of Quebec, you’ll find the village of Knowlton.  It was once part of the Most Beautiful Villages of Quebec Association  but sadly has fallen a little out of favor in the last few years. But it is still a charming stop if you are traveling between Montreal and Quebec City with lively streets flanked with antique shops and cafés. […]

Our time in Bulgaria had a road trip vibe to it.  We would all pile into the white minivan, our hosts Radmila, Slavcho, Pepi, the bipeds and myself and off we would go!  We drove from Sofia to the black sea coast through woods and small towns, over mountain tops and along beaches.  I had heard that the road between Sofia and the Black Sea was a death trap; but honestly there […]

On Easter weekend, the bipeds and I made our monthly pilgrimage to a fresh water spring not too far from our home. The spring is one of those little local treasures we discovered when being tourists in our own neck of the woods. It’s on the way to a small, dog friendly town named Wakefield. I’ve mentioned this village before and will likely mention it again. We really […]