We arrived on Santorini island (also known as Thira) from Athens after a long ferry ride at the principal port of Athinias.  After pushing our way through the crowds, and after some negotiation with different bus drivers, we finally made our way to Oia (The “o” is silent thus pronounced Ia). We drove through the capital of Fira – a much busier place than where we were headed.  You see […]

Those of you who follow my day-to-day shenanigans on Facebook will have read my recent status update about having to eliminate not one, but two destinations from our 2013 summer trip. The trip was supposed to go like this: June 26th to July 11th — In Greece, including a few nights in Santorini, a 10 day sailing voyage, and a day in Athens. July 11th to July 17th — […]

A little while back, we talked about one strategy for saving money for our Big Trip: the “Feeding Piggy” game. I loved how that blog post was shared like crazy all over Facebook. Priceless really! I am thrilled we encouraged so many of you to start this little savings game for yourselves. After that post, many of you sent emails asking us what else we are doing to save money. […]

One of the great gifts travellers have given their fellow man over the centuries is the art of cartography. Great, bold adventurers ventured off long long ago, trying to make sense of the world we lived in and drawing its likeness for others to see and understand. Their endeavours were largely to help with trade and to mark borders and boundaries between empires. In vague lines, often surrounded […]

The most frequent questions asked of my bipeds these days – at least the questions I hear lately – are: Why now? Why plan for this trip while you are in the prime of your careers? Why not wait until you have retired? The bipeds have been searching for a way to answer those questions, and found it when re-reading The Magicians Nephew by C.S. Lewis.  Granted, the words are […]

We’ve been told off. Yep. It happens.  Our very wise and wonderful friend Ingrid was not too pleased with our last post. And you know what? She was right. I guess being 70 and still traveling the world gives her some insight…and the right to wield that insight like a good spanking. I am going to do my best to share with you the wisdom and message she […]

When we made our announcement about sailing around the Mediterranean, we were surprised by people’s positive energy and enthusiasm for our plans. We had expected a few naysayers and a few “you are crazy – no way – don’t do it!” type of comments. Instead, we were flooded with an avalanche of supportive emails. And then we got this message: “Be aware. Any sort of long term travel is incredibly selfish.” […]

(Please note that the trip has been sadly deferred read about why here)   Dear Readers, I may have mentioned or alluded to this in passing before, but now it’s official: The Montecristo Travels Team will be sailing around the Mediterranean! I know, right? I’m so psyched! Like so many great adventures, a simple idea is, in fact, something far more complicated to realize. We certainly could go […]

Update 2017: Video below! Original Post from 2012. “What about … bathroom breaks?” This is the #1 question we get from those unfamiliar with traveling with a small dog. It is a logical query since unlike a road trip you can’t exactly land a plane or stop a train while on route so that your dog can relieve him/herself.  For most, canine diapers are not a solution either. […]

We sail.  Yep … right now it’s a small 26 footer on the Ottawa River.  But we have BIG plans! In 2015 we hope to sail around the Mediterranean hopefully on a 40-50 footer.  It is my bipeds dream to own a Beneteau one day … perhaps sail the Caribbean with is as well.  A dream they are hell bent on making come true. So, they started.  First […]