“Bone Church” — THAT was pretty much all the bipeds had to say to make me agree 100% with the idea of going to Kutná Hora. Plus it’s not like it was that far from Prague, our home base in the Czech Republic. So we hopped on a train and set out. Luckily, we encountered a helpful ticket master who told us that the little train that you […]

Writing this blog and keeping our promise to you, dear Reader, to report on pet friendliness we find in the world, keeps me focused when I sit down and pull my thoughts into something coherent to share with you. When I started thinking about my time in the Czech Republic, I was tempted to start big with my first instalment on Prague, but re-thought that approach and decided […]

When trying to figure out where to start in telling our “Adventures in Texas,” it seemed apparent that our hosts’ pied-a-terre of Elgin was an obvious launching pad. We are certain that if you visit Elgin area, like us, you will fall in love with the expanses of pastoral fields with animals and wild flowers. The little Beaver Road with its ancient cemetery and trees that reached from […]