It’s going to be a short post today because when it comes to taking Swiss Public Transportation With a Dog, you’re in luck! The Swiss pretty much follow the same approach as their neighbours Italy and France. First, though, let me tell you about the General Abonnement (GA) card. This travel card has a host of benefits. In addition to letting you take the train anywhere in Switzerland, the […]

On traveling to Bern Switzerland with a small dog; last week, I introduced you to the lovely Old Town of the city of Bern and took you on the first half of our walking tour. And, man, have we already covered some ground! We saw the towers, the cool architecture, numerous churches, the fountains and statues, and let’s not forget the scenic view from atop the hill near […]

There are few towns more idyllic and picturesque than Lucerne – or as the locals and Mom call it, Luzern (German). I have seen lots of places and, honestly, few pack the punch that this little town does. And never have I had so much to write about such a small area. I actually found the task of writing this post a little daunting. I had the same […]

Promenade Fleuri and Chateau Chillon With a Dog in Montreux Switzerland Montecristo travels

Some of you may not know this but, Mom has a degree in Hotel Management. Oh yeah … and from Switzerland no less. Hotel Institute Montreux (HIM) to be precise! So when we decided to go to Switzerland and spend a little time near Geneva and visit Lausanne we had to tack on an afternoon in Montreux to revisit Mom’s old “college days haunt”. I think it was […]

Finding a pet friendly hotel in Geneva was never going to be a problem. For starters I knew off the bat that Europe is often pretty good at having several options and a quick search on trip advisor under “Pets Allowed Geneva” proved me right with not 1 or 2 or even 10 options but with 53 hotels to look at! What WAS going to be a challenge […]

I want to thank Luna Griffis for signing up as a Montecristo Travels Foreign Correspondent! We are SO excited to have her on board. This is the first (of we hope many) of her special reports for this blog and we could not be happier.  Luna walks the talk and speaks from first paw experience. She is already a fantastic addition to the team!   We are certain that […]