We were lucky enough to spend a day enjoying the beauty of some of the Travis County Parks. This collection of parks, totalling about 22 in all, is an extraordinary concept. Each individual park has something different to offer. Some focus on hiking, horseback riding and mountain biking. Other parks offer fishing, bird watching, camping, rock climbing and more. With so many parks to choose from, we had […]

When a city has the motto “Keep Austin Weird,” you get the feeling that the people who live there don’t take themselves too seriously.   The motto is plastered all over the place: greeting you when you land at the airport; in gift shops; on t-shirts, bumper stickers and mugs; and so many more places. There it is, like a neon sign over top of the city: “Keep […]

Located about thirty miles southeast of Austin, Texas, is wonderful Bastrop.  For the movie buffs, you might enjoy knowing that several movies were at least partially (if not completely) filmed there, including: Lovin’ Molly, The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, Home Fries, Courage Under Fire,  The Alamo, (remake) All The Boys Love Mandy Lane Fireflies in the Garden, Friday the 13th (remake) The Life of David Gale Michael Hope […]

When trying to figure out where to start in telling our “Adventures in Texas,” it seemed apparent that our hosts’ pied-a-terre of Elgin was an obvious launching pad. We are certain that if you visit Elgin area, like us, you will fall in love with the expanses of pastoral fields with animals and wild flowers. The little Beaver Road with its ancient cemetery and trees that reached from […]