It’s always been a source of great annoyance in our family that the Canadian train company VIA Rail, wasn’t as forward thinking as so many others we’ve had the pleasure to ride. It’s tough to go to France, Switzerland, Italy, Czech Republic and on and on and on…. only to return home and be limited to driving the car as a way to get around. It’s extra frustrating […]

Taking advantage of the inexpensive transportation option with your dog is really easy in the Czech Republic. Maybe not as streamlined and intuitive to figure out (as a foreigner) as say … Switzerland… but it’s pretty darn amazing. The reason I say this,  has nothing to do with its pet friendliness; because it IS very pet friendly. No, our caveat has more to do with some areas being tougher […]

Travelling by train in Italy is a pleasure.  Not only are they amazingly punctual, the price is also right and they are dog friendly!  As long as the “cani” is in a carrier, can’t get away, does not take up a seat and is quiet the inspector will not even blink.   A few times I was asleep on my bipeds lap and no one said a word.  Small […]