“It’s difficult / a challenge / hard to travel with a dog.” Ack! No, it’s not! In our opinion, it is no more difficult to travel with a dog than with kids. But you don’t see every post on travelling with children start with a caveat about how challenging it is. As you can tell, this issue is a little pet peeve of ours.  That kind of […]

Every now and then life tosses you a sort of “three-for-one” deal. I always enjoy those and this post is that kind of gift. Yep, I’m going to cover three excursions! Promenade Maurice Rouvier Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat Dinner in Beaulieu And it’s all in one long, fun, walk-able loop. You can make a day of it by taking a bathing suit and some fresh water with you. Or, if you […]

Something people rarely think about when they travel is the potential for getting sick. Very sick. For we canines, the dreaded illness that immediately comes to mind is rabies – a horrid, lethal virus. Thankfully, this disease has been eradicated or all but eradicated in most countries. (Many countries have managed to eradicate rabies among domestic animals, but wild animals such as raccoons, skunks, and groundhogs still carry […]

I am in Bulgaria as this post is being written. I have SO many stories to tell it will be a challenge to keep them all straight! This trip was not an easy one to plan.  Those of you who follow me on Facebook saw that our plans changed more than once and other plans were deferred. We had hoped to go to the Ukraine to see and couch […]

Dear Montecristo (A Letter from Dr. Cindy Elias), Thank you for asking me this very important question reguarding air travel for canines… and hello to all the four-legged friends out there that are lucky to have their bipeds bring them along while traveling. (It is definitely no fun to know that you have been left behind while the rest of your family is off having a great time […]

I had an interesting experience this week. I was called upon to find an emergency Animal Hospital in Toronto for a canine in very bad shape. I thought it might be a dog visiting in Toronto who needed this help. Although, I suppose even with that, it’s a bit unusual to seek advice from someone in Ottawa, four hours away from Toronto. As it turned out, this canine wasn’t visiting, but […]

A little while ago, there was still snow on the ground and things had become a little depressing around here. Winter had dragged on just that little bit too long. As we stared out into the miserable winter sky, it felt like nothing good was ever going to happen. Snow just kept on coming. We missed colour badly. White, greys and brown-black were all we could see. Even […]

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but the travel industry is suffering these days. Apparently, we all have less money to spend on the perceived luxury of travel. Yet, the truth is, for many of us, not being able to afford travel doesn’t stop us from wanting to do it. In fact, I believe that apart from world peace and a cure for cancer, travel is likely one […]

Without wanting to get into the “for versus against” vaccination debate and without wanting to scare the heck out of you, Dear Reader, I think it is time we chatted about parasites and more. There are several nasty Bugs that you might meet on your travels and these are souvenirs you do not want to bring home. But first, a disclaimer: we are not vets or animal health […]

There was a new addition to our neighborhood last year: a water taxi! This small ferryboat spends most of its day quietly shuttling up to twelve people and their bicycles or wheelchairs between Ottawa and Gatineau, alongside the Alexandra Bridge. The water taxi arrived a little late in last year’s season. So, we didn’t have a chance to see it in action. We ran out of time to try […]