A post that isn’t remotely related to traveling with a canine will not happen very often.  Promise! Every year I participate in the Hopeful Hearts Walkathon. This year it is on May 5th (2012) and promises to be even more amazing than the previous one. A Little History! In 2010 Mom and her best friend decided to start a charity that would raise funds through walkathons for pet […]

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  We move around … a lot.  Usually I walk.  In fact my bipeds insist. I am after all a dog and what should a dog do? Walk, run and gallivant as often as possible. So I do, because a happy dog is a tired dog.  Occasionally however, it just isn’t practical or, as is the case with air travel for example… allowed. A Bag for Every Situation […]


Dear Montecristo, I’ve been reading your blog and thought that I’d throw in my two cents worth about how bipeds can make travelling with a pet a little easier… Maybe we should start off with ID and how a microchip is required for dog travel? Bipeds have passports to ensure that everyone knows who they are.  You and your fellow dogs (and sorry, cats…) are at a distinct disadvantage in […]

We all come from water.  So I am told.  It is a source of well being. It is the one thing we all need regardless of species.  In Africa it is the one place where predator and pray will co-exist without fear of the hunt. More than 80% of the planets life forms live in water.  This planet should be called Water and not Earth.  In Canada we […]