Taking a Bike Tour With your Dog in Vienna

Although we did this on our third and last day in Vienna – we really wish we had started our stay with this. It was not only a lot of fun, but it was also a fantastic way for us to get the lay of the land. Almost as good as a walking tour!

It’s the perfect way to decide what you may want to return to see more in depth at a later time and maybe what was of lesser interest after all. The tour we took was about 3 hours long and cost us 35 Euro per biped – tiny dogs go free!

We chose Vienna Explorer because when we dropped by their office to ask about doing the tour with a tiny pup in tow, they didn’t even blink. They were super happy to accommodate a pup and said not to worry, they would be ready! And were they ever!

Taking a Bike Tour With your Dog in Vienna Montecristo Travels

A good company to do the bike trip with your dog!

On the day of our tour, we got off at the subway stop, followed our map to Vienna Explorer where we stopped for a moment at the conveniently located dog park just across the street from their offices… you know …for me to do my business and run about a bit. Vienna has thousands of off-leash dog parks. Always clean up your dogs mess they take these things VERY seriously n Vienna.

Taking a Bike Tour With your Dog in Vienna

Dog park! Well that is convenient.

When mom presented herself – holding me in her arms – the young lady (NOT the same one we had spoken to two days before) said “OH yes yes yes … Montecristo!! we have a VERY special bike for you!!” and instead of going to where all the other bikes were – and where our fellow tourists being fitted for the right size wheels – she went to the back and came out with this beautiful, sleek black bike with a huge and deeper basket on the back! Complete with a “mattress” of blankets.

Taking a Bike Tour With your Dog in Vienna

Basket, water and my sling bag on a mattress of towels. Good to go! (Not mom’s feet…..)

THAT Dear Reader is customer service! When another team within a company not only knows what is what, but gets you that little extra. Mom got fitted for the bike, Dad for his, I got “strapped” in using my world travel sling bag and … we were ready!

We had SO much fun! Our guide was knowledgeable, funny and timed our trip with a perfect blend of casual “light” biking and stops. Each stop consisted of a little information sharing; stories, history or trivia followed by some time to take a few photos and soak it all in before heading off again.

Taking a Bike Tour With your Dog in Vienna

snug as a bug in a rug!

For the most part the tour follows the “ring road” . This stretch of road with its adjacent bike path is a circular grand boulevard that serves as a way around the historic Innere Stadt (Old Town) district of Vienna. The road is located where the medieval city fortifications once stood, replacing the high walls and atypical “no mans land” open fields (to spot people trying to sneak up on the city) that lay before them.

It was constructed after the dismantling of the city walls in the mid-19th century. From the 1860s to 1890s, many large public buildings were erected along the Ring Road in an eclectic style, sometimes called Ringstraßenstil (“Ring Road style”), using elements of Classical, Gothic, Renaissance, and Baroque architecture.

Taking a Bike Tour With your Dog in Vienna Montecristo Travels

Ready to keep going!

Because of its architectural beauty and history, the Vienna Ring Road has been called the “Lord of the Ring Roads” and is designated by UNESCO as part of Vienna’s World Heritage Site.

We saw many things we had seen on our walking tour but got so much out of our guide that it was well worth it.

The parliament buildings….

Taking a Bike Tour With your Dog in Vienna Montecristo Travels

Vienna parliament … super fancy building. And our fancy bike!

The Opera house…

Taking a Bike Tour With your Dog in Vienna - Montecristo Travels

Dad getting a shot in … guide waiting for us to do our thing.

Loads of Churches and Cathedrals ….

But my two favourite were hands down the Hundertwasserhaus (loosely translates to “the hundred water house” and is the name the Austrian artist and architect who created incredible buildings brimming with glorious technicolour.) a housing complex made up of 52 apartments and 16 private terraces, which the architect built between 1983 – 1985. Located in Landstraße.

Taking a Bike Tour With your Dog in Vienna

How cool is this facade??

A patchwork of colours, you will notice the quirky design, that surprisingly contains absolutely no straight lines, no right angles. Every window, door or balcony has a different shape and greenery wind around the building’s façade to create the feeling that it’s all been reclaimed by nature.

Taking a Bike Tour With your Dog in Vienna Montecristo travels

No straight lines you say?

People do live here, so although a huge gathering spot for tourists, it is important to remain quiet and respectful. We are so glad we got to see it. We had stopped in at the museum a few blocks over during our walkign tour not realizing that there was an actual building complex to be seen as well!

Taking a Bike Tour With your Dog in Vienna

Lots of greenery – I like that silver on black I must admit. And how is that timing as far as photos go for the pigeon on the fountain!

And the other part we enjoyed so very much was being able to cycle and enjoy the Prater.

Vienna’s famous Volksprater lies in the heart of the city in the district of Leopoldstadt and offers visitors the Giant Ferris Wheel erected in 1827 as well as many attractions such as carousels, halls of mirrors and laughter, ghost trains and rollercoasters. Basically a small amusement park.

Taking a Bike Tour With your Dog in Vienna

Iconic Vienna moment.

But it’s primarily a huge expanse of green space. One of the most beautiful city parks of the world, it’s nature in the heart of Vienna. Far from hustle and bustle of the city. Today, visitors stroll along the main avenue that runs from the Praterstern to the Lusthaus beneath groups of poplars past meadows and dense undergrowth. Or in our case … bike!

Hauptalle – Prater is where everyone goes to get some air! Those are all chestnut trees!

One of the biggest attractions in this part of the Prater are the chestnut blossoms that line Hauptalle (main alley). Sadly we did not see them in bloom since it was October and they bloom in May. The Hauptallee is filled with walkers and cyclists as well as joggers, children romp around on the playground and youngsters meet on the BMX and skating track or throw themselves into the sand on the beach volleyball courts.

In winter, the Jesuitenwiese meadow in Vienna’s Prater becomes a big playground. A snow-making machine provides enough of the white stuff for a proper snowball fight. In addition to cross-country trails, there is also a tobogganing hill, which was created from the ruins of houses bombed during the Second World War. All of this … pet friendly.

Taking a Bike Tour With your Dog in Vienna

The main entrance – at sunset. Doesn’t look like much but you would be wrong LOADS of amazing pet friendly restaurants too!

We enjoyed our bike tour a great deal. Be it the amazing history lesson, the architecture that kept changing, the greenery, the blooms, the very safe, well paved bike path, the canal and it’s refreshing breeze off the water… it was all a blast.

Bring your energy, your sense of wonder and water! If you are short on time THIS is the way to go. Have you ever taken your dog on a bike tour?



29 Comments on “Taking a Bike Tour With your Dog in Vienna

  1. Wow how cool is this. I agree 100% that IS customer service with a five star approach. How kind of them to prepare for Montcristo’s visit in such style. I bet you all had the most wonderful time.

    Not that I’m envious or anything……….. 😉

    • We really did have an amazing time. It felt SO good to be treated with that kind of acceptance. The tour guide would even point out a few bumps in the path to make sure I did not get bounced about!

  2. Just beautiful! I love the Vienna Ring Road’s nickname. And that housing complex? Too cool! Thanks for taking us on the tour with you.

  3. What a fabulous bike tour! I’ve never done a bike tour with my furkids but have done so with my husband. Very memorable and want to do it again. Oh I love the Vienna ferris wheel with the cabin looking cars. How neat. Also the green space reminds me of riding in Central Park NYC. What a great bike tour for you guys!

    • Sadly the ferris wheel was not pet friendly … kinda bummed us out a little. But oh well! We went for dinner INSIDE a cute restaurant instead!

  4. That looks like a great way to see the city! I’ve never been on a bike tour (didn’t even know that was an option.) I bet everyone’s feet appreciated the chance to ride instead of walk that last day.

  5. What fun! A bike tour sounds like a great way to explore a city. Especially if you get to bring your pet along with you! And they really did treat Montecristo so well! Thanks for sharing about this fun experience.

  6. Now that’s the life for any pup! Makes me wish I were a small pup riding in the back because I am out of shape and the ride would probably kill me BOL!
    And indeed great customer service to boot!
    I know exactly what you mean though saying you wish you had done this first!

    • It’s a great lesson learned. So now we will be looking at these types of things (bike or even Segway’s!) ahead of time. Really wish we’d done this first. Would have spent more time exploring the Prater for example. And shaved some things off out walking tours. It was SO very pleasant. Perfect weather for it too. That’s key!

  7. Ahhh what an AMAZING experience!!! The photos are fantastic and that sounds like such an awesome trip. Makes me wish I could shrink Roxy & Rico to bring them on adventures like that! lol

  8. How amazing! I’ve never done a bike tour before…I think it would be so much fun especially with my dog riding and exploring with me! You guys always take such awesome trips 🙂

  9. Wow, that IS customer service! Thank you for sharing your beautiful photos of the sights. As usual, Montecristo looks very relaxed and seems to be enjoying his travels.

    • Well when you’ve done planes, trains, sailboats, ferry’s, ski lifts, airboats …. you know … you learn to go with the flow. LOL But I think it’s also because we bike at home. Already familiar. At home the basket is in front so that was new. Dad rode behind to make sure someone had an eye on me at all times. Glad you enjoyed the post!

  10. Aww look at this cutie in a bicycle basket. It looks like you and your doggie had a lot of fun! And Vienna seems beautiful.

  11. What an adventure! I’ve never been on a bike tour, but you’ve made it look like such fun, I may need to figure out where one is near us and see if I could take Bernie and/or Lizzie. Vienna does take poop patrol seriously. I read your link to Vienna’s “Watch out, dog owners!” overview. Now I want to meet the “WasteWatchers” and learn more about their job. I wish more people in Tucson would take poop patrol seriously. I wonder if Vienna restaurants became more pet-friendly after the 2010 referendum because people took steps to be actively responsible.

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