The Best Interview With Scootin America!

Oh do we have a GREAT interview for you today!  Hang on Dear Reader because it’s all about motorcycles, philanthropy, and an all American, world record breaking road trip! I am thrilled to welcome ScootinAmerica to the Montecristo Travels “special correspondent” series—the series in which we prove we are not the only ones travelling with our pet, and our first step in building a community of people passionate about both their pets and travel. This time it’s all about a man, a motorcycle, a dog and a mission! So welcome, WELCOME!

Note: All photos are courtesy of ScootinAmerica. 

The Best Interview With Scootin America! Interview on Montecristo Travels

First off, can you tell us a little bit about yourselves? Who is who? How did you find each other? How many States have you been to so far? 

My name is Adam Sandoval. I am what you would call a philanthropist. Although, I was an entrepreneur in the world of martial arts before creating ScootinAmerica.

Scooter here is a rescue from a puppy mill that was shut down. He’s 8 years old now and I have had him his entire life really.  He’s travelled over 100,000 miles with me over the past 8 years. He loves nothing more than to ride.

The Best Interview With Scootin America! Interview on Montecristo Travels

Scooter was born to ride!

Since November 10th, 2014, we’ve been riding across the United States. We’ve gone cross-country six times and logged over 77,,000 miles over 44 States. We’ve visited over 600 Harley-Davidson dealerships, meeting incredible people and other bikers along the way.

What I am happiest about is our world record “longest charity ride” and the $200,000+ we’ve raised for the families of veterans. I always regretted not joining the military, and with this, I have found my way to be a part of raising awareness for our veterans and to give back to those who have made the ultimate sacrifice.

What is the biggest challenge travelling by motorcycle? What is the greatest tip you could share for making Scooter comfy? I noticed in the video he goes from inside your jacket, to the backpack, to his own space? 

The biggest challenge is extremes in temperature—either too hot or too cold—and rain. The best investment you could make to accommodate a small dog on a motorcycle is to invest in the Kyryakyn Pet Palace. Add a windshield and your pet will be protected and safe. Scooter spends 90% of his time there.


Scooter has his own “room”!

The Best Interview With Scootin America! Interview on Montecristo Travels

Baby it is cold outside!

I do at times let him cuddle up in my jacket in front. That’s usually if it’s really cold or raining heavily. He needs my body heat to stay warm. But honestly, the Pet Palace is the safest place for him. I am certain his being in there saved his life when I had the wreck.

I also carry Scooter in a backpack, but that is mostly just for meeting people.  And yes, he has doggles, and those are ok for short rides. But we spend hours at a time on the road and the doggles place too much pressure around his eyes for Scooter to use them for day-long rides.

People will want to know, where are you guys sleeping? 

Mostly we camp. It really is a life on the road. But we do at times get to stay in a hotel, especially if there is snow or heavy rain. We like the Motel 6 chain: they are everywhere, pet-friendly, and don’t charge a pet fee.

The Best Interview With Scootin America! Interview on Montecristo Travels

The great outdoors is home! Talk about minimalism!

What do you believe is the best part about having your pet with you while you travel? 

Companionship. I’m never alone. I’ve got his back and he has mine. He’s also a great ice breaker for anyone who’s shy. He’s good at that.

The Best Interview With Scootin America! Interview on Montecristo Travels

“You are never alone – He has my back I have his”

What prompted this adventure and how is it going so far? 

I created ScootinAmerica to blend my passion for motorcycles with my regret for not choosing to serve in the military. I want to give back to those who served.

The recent wreck has certainly put things on hold for a bit. I have to heal from the injuries. But as soon as I have, Scooter and I will be back on the road!

You’ve done 44 of the 48 lower States … Think you might cross a border at some point? Either to the south, or north into Canada? We’d love to have you!

We’ll focus on finishing what we started here, but it’s absolutely possible.

The Best Interview With Scootin America! Interview on Montecristo Travels

All we want is the mission, the road and yeah other.

What have you learned about Scooter on the road? Something you are convinced you would not have known had you not taken this adventurous route.

Hard to say, because I’ve had Scooter for nearly his entire life and we’ve been living this way the whole time I’ve had him.  He’s really good at sounding the alarm. And I’ve learned to depend on him for that. We keep each other safe.

Scooter isn’t one to let his small size be a limitation. And I have seen him eat meals twice his size. And although he has a quiet demeanor, he’s actually quite the little badass. He embodies the term “Man’s best friend.”  He’s such a good boy and a great partner; I know that no matter what, I have his back and he always has mine.

The Best Interview With Scootin America! Interview on Montecristo Travels

Ready for anything!

Share with us a little secret … ?

I happen to think Scooter should be allowed to go everywhere. And I have snuck him into movie theatres where we will take a break from the road, watch a movie, and enjoy some popcorn together. It’s something we both enjoy. And I’m not going to the movies alone.

THANK YOU so much, Adam, for taking the time to chat with us today. I can’t wait to see where you are off to next and I assure you we will continue to follow you on your FB page and on Instagram! I love that you are showing the world that having a dog does not mean you can’t hit the road on an epic U.S. road trip!

The Best Interview With Scootin America! Interview on Montecristo Travels

Can you get more USA than this photo?

And there you have it, Dear Reader! Motorcycles, philanthropy, and with-pet travel! The best interview with Scootin America! We love what they are doing so much that we’ve decided to sponsor them. If you want to do so as well (as little as $10 for a meal!) please do. It’s a fantastic cause and story. The love between this man and his dog is palpable even over the phone. We hope we meet them one day if we happen to be in the same State or they cross the border.

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  1. Scooter and Adam are just fantastic. Well done on the work you guys are doing to raise awareness for the Military Veterans. Glad you are having fun on your boys road trip too.

  2. What a wonderful way to give back to families of veterans! These pics are so adorable – I’m in love with Scooter. Now following him on Instagram of course. I love thinking about them sharing popcorn together! Awesome interview and story.

  3. What an amazing interview! To be able to travel with your dog like this and raise funds for those in need is wonderful. I would love to see them take their travels into Canada!

  4. This is so cool!!!! The most amazing interview ever, Scooter looks like such a rockstar! What a great thing it is, taking your dog along on adventures. <3

    • I was SO happy when Adam agreed to the interview. Seriously!! WE totally lost it and did a happy dance. Glad we did them justice!

  5. Great interview! I hadn’t heard of Scooter and Adam before, but I will check out their social media accounts. It sounds like they are really lucky to have each other. I am glad to know that Scooter has a safe place to ride.

  6. We really liked this interview! I don’t feel like he is making Scooter do something he doesn’t want and seems to always think of his needs. This is a great human animal bond story. But, when he mentions accident I get nervous and wish Scooter had some sort of helmet to wear! Love Dolly

    • Well Scooter was safe inside his motorcycle carrier designed to protect him and got out without a scratch … unlike Adam that has a LOT of damage to his legs. So I think it’s good…. ?

  7. That dog is SO well organised isn’t he. His own spot on the bike, and a cosy spot for warmth! Love it. Respect too for the veterans fundraising. We should all respect the military who protect our countries.

  8. I love this SO much! My Chihuahuas go a lot of places with me too, and if I could I would take them EVERYWHERE!

    • Well that is what we try to do – cross Atlantic in Europe is easier with fewer pet restrictions. Here in Ottawa we are actively engaged with the city to try and change some bylaws.

  9. Great interview, Adam really love that little dog! I love how perfectly he’s accommodated, and how they keep each other safe on the road.

  10. What an interesting interview. I didn’t realize it was possible to travel on a motorcycle with a dog. And that doggie windshield is a great idea — someone was clever to come up with that !

  11. What a terrific story! They sound like they are having so much fun! I love gadgets so seeing how they make it safe for the fur kid was so interesting!

  12. This truly is a fantastic interview! I love what Scootin America is doing, what a great mission. These two are so special. Thanks for taking us on this wild ride!
    Love & Biscuits,
    Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them

  13. This is too cool!!! I love that he has his buddy with him always and that he has shared so many amazing adventures. I’m sure the sights, sounds, people, and landscapes have truly be awe inspiring. Kudos to him for using his passion as a way to raise much appreciated funds.

    Thanks so much for sharing this interview and for the awesome photos!

  14. What a great interview! Ireally enjoyed getting “to know” Adam and Scooter and hearing about their travels. The photos are wonderful!

  15. What first impressed me was numbers but then those photos did. Those are really really perfect. Wish I could have a trip like that some day with by Brian 🙂

  16. Amazing!! You guys look great in these photos and I think Scooter is a suitable name than ever for him. I can imagine how wonderful your road trips are together. Take care, my dear!

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  18. I love the bond between you and your dog. He’s like the best companion with you on the road. I really like the pictures they show how much connected between you and your dogs.

    • Scooter and his Dad are a special duo that’s for sure. I am glad I started this interview series to feature others travelling with heir fur kids.

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