How to Choose a Booster Car Seat for a Small Dog

Snoozing in my Booster

For my very first birthday (June 14th, 2011), my bipeds got me a booster seat.  Now, for some people this may seem extreme; but the fact is that every year thousands of dogs are killed in automobile accidents.  Many from hanging their head out the window and getting debris lodged in them in some horrid way.  Others are in the front seat and when a collision occurs the airbag kills them or they get projected out the window.  In other situations, the dog being loose distracted the biped and caused the accident in the first place. It’s horrifying to read about to be honest.

There is a great video on dog car safety I invite you to watch if you don’t believe me. So what can we do?  Well for large dogs there are seat belts and tunnel like restraints available.  For us little ones? There are crates, carriers that double up as car seats or … booster seats!


Room for myself and MOBY!! Keeping an eye out on things!

My bipeds got me a very stylish booster seat.(UPDATE: the cover is now black to match the new car AND the pillow is a fuzzy black Shag … Yeah baby!)

I can see out the window from its safety and I am also harnessed in.  There are even safer options BUT for me this was the best one. It gave me some extra safety and kept me from getting car sick. The safest options sadly also reduce visibility out of the car … and I need to see where we are going to avoid feeling nauseous. My booster is really well padded and that means that I am also more comfortable than on a lap (not as hot in the summer) with every bump in the road being smoother as the seat absorbs the shock. I love it!! it’s MY space.

Plus you know what? In the winter when I am covered in snow, or in the spring when mud is all over my belly and paws … a quick towel and tadah!! The car and the bipeds laps remain clean.

Attached and Safe

This is a particularly great purchase for those out there that love road trips. Especially long ones. In my travels I see far too many dogs that are in danger and honestly until recently I was one of them riding on my bipeds laps in the front seat or *gasp* the drivers lap!

There are many models to choose from so do your research and take your pick.  Base it on your own needs.  We chose ours for comfort, appropriate height (I am xxs after all) and the ability to harness me in for safety.  The bipeds also needed it to look good …. Of course.

Safe driving everyone!


22 Comments on “How to Choose a Booster Car Seat for a Small Dog

  1. Awesome blog Bebe and Stefan! Love all the great info you provide and all thecute pics of the baby!

  2. Phoebe loves her car seat. Not only is it safe for her, it allows her to see outside. Thanks for the video.

    • Isn’t that video great!?? Please share it with any of your dog owning friends!

  3. Glad to see you are positioned in the back seat. I have seen many of these booster seats that are put on the front passenger seat with no regard for the airbag. I was rear ended by a 5 ton truck and driven into a truck in front of me and before the dust settled, 6 cars had been involved. I had 3 chihuahuas with me, all in individual hard crates belted in on the back seat and although shaken, they were all just fine.

    • OMGosh! so glad everyone was ok!! And yes the instructions indicated back seat so that is where it got installed. Plus, it was the only seat that had the child safety mechanism required.

  4. I, too, have the Bowsers car seat for my hairy boy, a Havanese. I purchased it after a less expensive car seat buckled on Jack. It seemed like a solidly built seat, but you do get what you pay for. Jack loves his booster/car seat and I’m hugely pleased with the quality. When in his seat, Jack can see out the window and can also curl up to sleep when he’s needing a nap. And he’s safe *in the backseat* with a harness for security. The car doesn’t move until everyone is settled down and belted in, and that includes Jack.

    • So glad you love it as much as we do!! I agree that in this you do get what you pay for!! I love that last sentence of yours: The car doesn’t move until everyone is settled down and belted in, and that includes Jack. Love it!

  5. If you love your dog…

    Too often while driving I see other drivers with their beloved doggies riding on their laps!! It infuriates me on SO many levels, and not solely for the poochie’s safety. Those drivers put everyone at risk.

    Don Paco loves his booster seat, but he still falls asleep for every car trip. At least he is comfy…. and SAFE! And no driver distraction.

    Love this blog post… keep your doggies and yourself safe!

    • Booster seat is good … even if just as a mobile bed!! like you said – everyone is safe and that is what matters!

  6. What a great idea. I am not a dog owner, but am concerned with animal welfare. It bothers me to see dogs unrestrained while riding in cars, especially when the drivers have the dogs in their laps while operating the vehicle. The dogs need to be kept safe and this booster seat fits the bill. Thanks for the informative post, Monte!

    • Sure thing Brad – a little awareness can go a long way … even if in this forum I may be preaching the the choir.

  7. hi there.. im also xxs and i loooove your booster.. would you ask your bipeds where they got yours coz my mommy wants to get one for me..

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  9. Handsome looking seat you’ve got! 🙂 Only the best for the best! <3

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