The Montecristo Travels Children’s Book Launch – A Photo Essay!

It has been a busy busy busy month! Let me tell you!

On March 3rd, we launched the new website with our snazzy new look. I am rather fond of that MASSIVE hero banner of me. Just sayin.

And with the new website, came the new “About Us” video Mom and I made.

And then there were testimonials that were collected. We will be rotating those with a fresh face about every eight weeks.

And then … and then, Dear Reader, we officially launched the children’s illustrated travel guides with the release of the first book in the series: Montecristo Travels to Pisa!


The Montecristo Travels Children's Book Launch

It looks rather snazzy don’t you think?


The launch party was awesome! What a turn out! WAG was the perfect location for the event. We can’t thank them enough for hosting.

(Psssssst…. ALL photos are by Eva Hadhazy!)


I love their logo!


Did I mention treats?


And I looked super dapper in my bow-tie, don’t you think?


The Montecristo Travels Children's Book Launch

Mom and me waiting for our fans!


Because a lot of you live out of town, I thought I would share photos of the event with you. Then you can feel like you were there. Although it was cool you missed out on the work of setting up …


Top left! We are one the board!


Testing testing one two three


Dad says we are ready!


But you also missed Mom and me being interviewed …


The Montecristo Travels Children's Book Launch

Mom and I coordinated outfits for the event!


And the yummy bits to eat and drink …




Florence style napkins …


Profiterol’s and wine!



We sold lots of the book …


It was crazy!!


And we gave out fun buttons with moments from the book on them. Loved those! And so did the kids …


Buttons and business cards!


Yeah, there were lots of kids!


… older ones…


younger ones…


Even Mom got some loving!


And lots of adults too! And dogs – including my great pal Gibson, who was a little confused at not being the centre of attention.


Dapper Gibson with a button on his kerchief!


and this cutie!!


And people …



What a crowd!


My awesome doggy daycare provider, Barbara, came! I was so happy to see her! She brought her three furkids: Westies, named Zara, Sophie, and Cassie. They came in new Burberry coats and little red scarves. Too cute!


we LOVE Barbara!


My daycare peeps! Aren’t they stylish??


We had to do a lot of autographs and pawtographs too!


Allie autographing!


Pawtograph in progress!


My real paw print! Was fun to make this!


Ingrid McCarthy, fellow author and friend, made a really touching speech …


Being OH kind!



And then Mom made a touching speech …


Everyone listening!


She is a natural at this!


Lots of kind words and hard truths about how hard it is to write and finish a book were said. The highs, the lows, the joys, the frustrations … . I will not get into the details because some things are just “in the moment” type things. But I do want to mention that we shared with everyone the gratitude we feel for this amazing team. And it is a dream team, Dear Reader.

Never has a project had such good synergy. We are sorry that Carmen, our wonderful translator, couldn’t be with us (she had a prior engagement) but here you can see Nadine (web), Allie (illustrations), Dawn (editing and project management) and Mom … well, you know she’s the author and business owner! Of course, let us not forget Eva Hadhazy behind the lens!


The Dream TEAM!!


Allie gave a little speech too. She talked about how this was a huge opportunity for her to grow as an artist, especially with the challenge of drawing the architecture and ensuring it was correct.


Sure “no problem” she said…


A challenge well worth it!


There was a lot of hugging!


Dawn gets a hug and a BIG thank you!


Hugs = Good for you!


The Montecristo Travels Children's Book Launch

I got my hugs too!


Lots of people read the book …


A favorite page for all…


Good for the young…


… and the young at heart.


And had a really good time. I really enjoyed meeting Amy from Vets Without Borders. We have partnered with them as our charity of choice and will be donating a portion of the book profits to them.


Wearing the red bandana and meeting Amy!


I cannot wait for the next book launch!!!


The Montecristo Travels Children's Book Launch

So ready to do this again!


Over the next little while, we’ll be at different venues for book signings. Follow me on my FB page for updates as to when and where.

If you are still on the fence about buying the book, read some reviews like this one by The Boomeresque and the Ottawa Writers Weekly.  My face was all over! Even on Famous Chihuahua and a great interview with the Black Dog Chronicles!

The book is available on Amazon (.com, .c, .uk, and so on) and in Create Space. There is a Store page on our website to make finding all this easier for you. And please, pleeeeeease leave a review on Amazon if you can. Those reviews are gold to us as we work our way up and up and up to becoming a best seller. We are reaching for the stars but we can’t do that without you!


This could be a best seller!


Once again, Dear Reader, it is my turn to say THANK YOU. Thank you for your faith in us, for your loyal following, for engaging with us, and for supporting us in our dreams.

11 Comments on “The Montecristo Travels Children’s Book Launch – A Photo Essay!

  1. Awesomeness! Congratulations on this wonderful dream of yours! The book signing event was a success and fun at the same time. Everyone was reading the book and couldn’t get enough of Monte and you Ladies! Congrats again!

  2. *So* much fun to see the photos. Even though I was there, I couldn’t see everything going on. Thanks, Eva, for capturing the event for us all to see and for some us to re-live!

  3. I WAS THERE !!! Perfect location, perfect crowd (fur-legged and two-legged), lots of food and LOTS of books signed and sold. Way to go, Monte and Team !!

  4. It was a wonderful launch and a wonderful book. We were happy to join in on the fun, even though it wasn’t all about me lol 😉
    Congrats again my good friend!

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