The Story of Moby – The Traveling Dog’s BFF

There is one single dog toy that must always, no matter what, be packed when we travel. It doesn’t matter if we are going away for an overnight stay or for a month, the toy must come with me. That toy is Moby.



Moby is my best friend forever (BFF). He’s not just a toy to me; he is far, far more than that.

The Story of Moby

On a dreary day in December 2010, when it was too cold to go for a long walk, the bipeds decided to get me out of the house by taking me to WAG on Bank Street. WAG is good for that kind of excursion. As Ottawa’s only dog café, it offers not only wonderful accessories, toys, clothing and high quality food for canines, but also good coffee, scones and cookies for the humans. All that and nice tables to sit at with free WIFI, too. It’s pretty darned awesome!

So off we went. We can never stay too long because dad’s allergies start to act up, but a nice hour is possible. We sat and had our beverages and treats. They always have yummy dog treats and the young ladies that work there are incredibly kind. (Hi ladies!) We mingled with the other patrons (canine and human), and Mom picked up a new Chilly Dog sweater for my collection.

As we left the café, the temperature had gone up a tiny bit, so we decided to walk up and down Bank Street for a few blocks. As a result, we passed in front of another pet shop called Global Pet Foods. We had never noticed it before and decided to pop inside for a peek and a chance to warm up.

We walked in and the lady working there said it was ok to let me “go loose.” So, given that option, the bipeds let me off leash and we walked around the store. The place is small and on two levels. On the second level, way at the back of the store, were a bunch of bins. They had little signs on them saying, “2 for $5” or “All just $1.” I sniffed one bin in particular and, without giving anyone warning, I hopped in!


It’s a Bromance!

The bipeds laughed at me as they watched me dig in. Mom was about to pull me out because, as I was told later, it’s just not proper manners to dive in like that. But the lady that worked there said not to worry about it. So, the bipeds stepped back and watched in amazement as I disappeared entirely with just my tail sticking out. (Just so you know, I am not a digger. I don’t dig in the dirt; I don’t burrow under blankets. The only other time the bipeds had seen me dig was on the beach in Naples, Florida.)

Now, Dear Reader, you must understand that at the time I was only about 8 months old. I didn’t have much of a panache for a tail. So it was particularly amusing for the bipeds to watch my tail sticking out of the random dog toys, reminding them of a large white caterpillar.

But back to plot …

Suddenly, I turned around in the bin and without missing a beat, jumped out with a toy in my mouth. I ran as fast as I could all the way to the cash register. There I dropped the toy, sat like a good boy and looked up.

Silence reigned in the store.

Disbelief was written on everyone’s faces.

The lady behind the counter burst out laughing and said to the bipeds, “Guess you’ll be taking this one then?”


“This one” was Moby. Moby is a whale. A blue whale.

Moby goes with me everywhere. I carry him to the couch in the morning. Take him with me to eat my breakfast; I take him to my day bed afterwards. When the bipeds say it is time for bed at the end of a day, I grab Moby and off we go.

Yes, I love my BFF so much I can’t sleep without him. He is my toy, my confidant, my headrest for naps and my soother. When I fly, Moby is in my carrier with me. In strange and unfamiliar places, Moby is there with his familiar smell and texture. He is a constant in my life. I fiercely protect Moby from others, whereas I’m happy to share my other toys.

Once, Moby was lost.

It was horrible. I couldn’t sleep. I whined and searched every room in the apartment over and over again. Finally the bipeds got up and helped me. We found him waaay under the couch. How he got there, I don’t know. But as soon as Moby was within reach, I grabbed him, rushed to my bed and spent an hour grooming him and making sure he was ok. This is when the bipeds realized how important Moby is to me.

Because of that incident – Moby now has a stand-in, just in case: Moby D.


Moby and Moby D – the stand in!

I like Moby D. but I know it isn’t Moby. The bipeds try to switch them on me from time to time because I am told I will likely outlive Moby and so I should get to know Moby D. An illness called “wear and tear” will likely kill Moby. This is devastating. I can barely think about it. So I don’t. Moby D. (the D stands for Dick, as in Moby Dick) is fun, so when he comes out to play, we have a good time. Undoubtedly though, at some point, I start looking for Moby and then Moby D. gets hurt and goes home. I don’t mean to hurt his feelings; I’m just loyal to my BFF.

Mom and Dad would like to get at least two more Mobys: a Moby D(2) (Moby Deux) and a Moby DG (Moby Double Ganger). But the bipeds have been told that Mobys are no longer made. We have been unable to find another in any pet store we’ve been to in Canada, the US, Italy, France, Greece, Croatia…

We are not sure how this will play out over the long term. The bipeds sense a drama, maybe even an opera.

The Thing About Moby

I’m not the only one to like that specific shade of blue. Nor am I the only one to like that perfect shape. I have seen Moby larger than life. HUGE, in fact. Really, I have: in Florence I saw a sticker of Moby on a car. Don’t believe me? Take a look at the photographic evidence!


Turns out there is an Italian ferry company that has Moby as their logo. I’ve told Moby about this and he’s not a happy camper because the ferry company is using Moby’s image without his permission. Moby’s not getting any money or credit for use of his image. He keeps talking about hiring a lawyer but I’m trying to talk him out of it. After all, it could well be Moby D.’s image that is being used; however, this possibility always seems to upset Moby. Moby has a fragile ego; I must tread carefully.

In any case, the bipeds have promised me that if ever our travels allow, we will take a Moby ferry! (Pets are allowed onboard in a kennel that remains in the vehicle. Pets are not allowed in the cabins.) I think a trip on the ferry would be fantastic! At the very least we should try and get a photo of Moby and me with one of these ferries in the background.

So there you have it, Dear Reader. The story about my BFF. Does your dog have a BFF? A toy that is more than just a toy? Do you take it with you when you travel? Share that story in the comments below; we’d love to hear it!

NOTE FROM THE BIPEDS: If you find a Moby in a pet store,  please contact us!! We will purchase it and pay you back. Anything to avoid the drama of NO Moby’s at all.


30 Comments on “The Story of Moby – The Traveling Dog’s BFF

  1. Best blog post ever!! Love it! I will be on the lookout for Moby’s everywhere I go!
    Our pup, Chuy (r.i.p. baby boy)had a seal that he just loved and our girl Cocopuff has a walrus that is her fave. Something about sea mammals. I guess.

    • AH! so other dogs also share my affinity for the sea! Very exciting! Glad you enjoyed the story of Moby. It was one I just HAD to share.

  2. What a sweet story ….. I hear it often that a lot of dogs have one favourite toy which they don’t ruin. Max had a big rubber ball with feet (A CUZ) …. we use to tell him to go get his baby cuz because he loved it. Dogs RULE !!!

  3. This is a fantastic story Monte! I cried and laughed! Thank you for this Dear friend!
    “Milka” the cow is our best friend!
    P.S. Dear Monte tell Moby that I’d love to meet him!
    KISS the Moby!!! Love you!!!

  4. OMG… that was one crazy fun story Monte! I just loved it! I can just visualize you in a bin of toys digging for that special one. You are one loyal dog, since Moby has been your BFF for 2 years almost now. That’s like 14 years in human years!
    Pepi’s BFFs are socks! Blue sock, white sock, grey sock… always socks! :-)
    I can’t believe they don’t make Moby anymore. Have you shopped on eBay for one? Many times they sell discontinued items. Good luck with your search!

    • We have looked on eBay and even Kijiji … no luck. But who knows – out there – someone – might find one in a sale bin.

      SOCKS??? LMAO … well that makes it easy to pack if you go on a trip!

  5. What a cute story! Callie has four favorite toys (which believe it or not is amazing considering the endless supply she has). All four are animals who don’t have stuffing but instead just have squeakers–though she spends most her time throwing them about, cuddling with them, or licking them…she hardly ever squeaks them! The first is a big long lion I got her when she was little from a boutique pet store, the second is a little pig I got her from Petsmart, the third is a tiger I got her in Paris made by the same company that makes her lion, and the fourth is a little squirrel I picked up for her the other day at the per store nearest our house–she loves it because it its bushy tail and she can’t seem to stop carrying it around and grooming it!

    I ran about 6 or 7 different google searches using the picture of Moby & combining it with different search terms & combinations of terms but I had no luck finding him online. The closest I found for you was this, which looks like it could be a cousin of Moby:

    Sorry, I tried! I’ll stay on the lookout.

    • Actually that is really close!! it might be worth getting one to see!! thanks for all that hard work!!You had much better luck than we did.

      Don’t you love how each dog has their very own preference? Four toys is reasonable. But if you could take just one on a trip … would it be the lion, the pig, the tiger or the squirrel?

      • Right now she’d take the squirrel, but the lion has been her favorite the longest, so I make sure I bring it with us everywhere we go! He’s old faithful :)

  6. Great story,enjoyed every word of it, we don’t have faivourite toys, we groom and pamper each other from morning till evening, but we do like to steal a sock of Mom’s son, and never miss a chance to do it!

  7. This post and Monte are just soooooo sweet. Our dog, Dino, is unable to help himself. He has a drive to unstuff stuffed animal (or stuffed anything) toys. He also used to have a drive to unstuff all our throw pillows and his beds. Fortunately, he outgrew that. He does use objects as psychological crutches though. (I suppose it’s better than turning to drugs or drink). When we come in the door and he is very excited, he runs and gets one of his bones and does some serious chewing on it until he calms down. His favorite toy is anything with which he can play tug of war–i.e. a formerly stuffed toy, for example. He “asks” bipeds to play tug of war and I’ve seen him drop it next to his canine friend, Annabelle, and yip to ask her to play tug of war with him.

    • Yes better than drugs or drink most certainly! I wonder if his behaviour is a left over from whatever happened to him before you adopted him. Having said that, I know other dogs that do this and nothing bad ever happened so … who knows! Tug of war is the best!!!

      • We adopted Dino when he was 6 months old and it didn’t seem he had been abused or neglected in any way. He adores people and he believes that all bipeds are his BFF’s until proven otherwise. He was a high energy puppy and used to “sundown”. He would get the “zoomies” every evening and would run around doing figure eights at a furious pace. They told us that he had been living with an older person who couldn’t handle him. He definitely calmed down as he aged and became much less zoomie—except for after a bath.

  8. This is such a cute story. My Shih Tzu LOVES stuffed animals but he has a favourite..his cow “MOO MOO”. He will bring him to bed an “groom” him just like you with Moby.

  9. I don’t think Mocha considers them be more than a stuffed toy, she she has this one raccoon(Raccoon) and one duck(Duck) toy that she loves very very much! She has a hard time choosing which one is her favourite. Sadly, Duck has been replaced once since his honk died, although hesitant since original Duck didn’t have wings and was a mallard and not a Canadian Goose, she agreed to accept Duck (who is a goose lol).

    Velocity doesn’t have a favourite yet, I usually wait until my big dogs are older to choose their own favourite stuffy to make sure they won’t destroy it :)

    Funny side story, my neighbor (RIP Ann) who had a Golden at the time (now belongs to another neighbor) has had this hippo stuffy, named Mr. Hippo, since the very first day my neighbor got her as an 8week old puppy. She once lost Mr. Hippo and was very distraught, but luckily he was found and she hasn’t lost him ever again. She is roughly 11 yrs old now!! It’s strange since she never tried to destroy it, even all through her puppy stages of teething and destruction, he must be very special indeed :)

    • That Golden then … has that special bond with Mr. Hippo. This it seems does not happen for all dogs. It is interesting that some do and some don’t have that best friend toy. I wonder why this happens. Maybe “single dog” households versus multiple dog homes?

      In any case thank you very much for sharing the racoon, duck/goose and Mr. Hippo stories!

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