How to Choose a Water Bottle for a Small Dog

We all come from water.  So I am told.  It is a source of well being. It is the one thing we all need regardless of species.  In Africa it is the one place where predator and pray will co-exist without fear of the hunt. More than 80% of the planets life forms live in water.  This planet should be called Water and not Earth.  In Canada we call it Blue Gold.  So how to choose a water bottle for a small dog and why?

When traveling with a dog, the most important thing to remember is water.  Dogs that travel often suffer from dehydration – especially when flying.  This is also true when going for long walks and visiting warmer climates.  I first learned about “drying out” in Florida .  I was traveling with the bipeds in Key West and wasn’t drinking – even though they tried and offered.  I ended up almost passing out.  It all ended alright – my bipeds are smart and mom just pulled out the small syringe she had for the Benadryl (good to have when traveling in case of an allergy) and filled it with water and squirted it into my mouth.  Suddenly I realised how thirsty I was and the bipeds had to give me water in small doses.  I have never refused a drink of water again.  Lesson Learned.

I am particularly small (2.9 pounds) I have the advantage of being able to actually drink out of the bottle cap of a water bottle.  It isn’t ideal but it works in a pinch.  I also have a small rubber bowl – something you would find in a cooking store often used by chef’s to pre-measure out ingredients of the herb and spice variety.  It works well.  Bipeds can toss it in a pocket or purse and when they buy a bottle of water I get a comfortable drink from it. It is also very light weight and ideal for when you don’t want to carry an actual bottle and know there will be water at the destination.

But then we got more environmentally friendly and decided to stop buying plastic bottled water.  We opted for re-usable containers when and if possible. The problem you ask?  One that did not intimidate me with its size!

There are many amazing options out there for dogs.  Most of the options the bipeds saw seem to favour any dog that is at the very least in the 10 pound or more range. The fact is I don’t like a big bowls.  I will use one if I must but I would rather have something proportionate to my size.  Wouldn’t you?  In addition the bipeds wanted a solution that was also good for them. Yep – no Montecristo special bottle – nope this had to be a family bottle; a “one for all and all for one” deal (couldn’t resist the Dumas reference sorry …).

The solution?  The wonderful SIGG bottles.

We have them in two sizes.  Two big jumbo sized ones for longer trips and the small and handy and aesthetically pleasing options.  Dad has a soccer themed one and Mom a really pretty Geisha – SIGG is sure to have a design that is just right for you.  How do I fit in?  Mom ordered the special kids sport cap and wouldn’t you kwon it? It is the perfect size to act as a bowl for me.  Just un-twist the top off, pour in the round cap and voila! Instant dog bowl!

What we love about this is that there is no need to carry an extra bottle for me (although you could order a kids size one).  Also it is very environmentally friendly being made of metal rather than plastic.  The bipeds don’t like the plastic water bottles – not for humans and not for dogs.  Also the SIGG is airport friendly.  If need be, a biped can empty it before going through the security screening and on the other side find a water fountain and fill it back up – if no fountain can be found any little coffee shop will fill it up for you – usually free of charge (at home we use the water that is filtered in the built in system in the fridge).

The SIGG bottles also come with some great accessories.  We have the neoprene cover that keeps the water cool and the bottle protected from damage.  The cover also has a handy clip that allows the bipeds to attach the bottle to a belt, or say the bike or travel bag.

For other dogs that need something larger there are many options indeed.  Do your research and read the reviews to find one that is right for your dog.  Dog Jaunt’s sweet cavalier spaniel “Chloe” uses the Gulpy. I know many dogs that use this option so it is one I feel comfortable recommending although I have never used it finding it too large.  The key is finding the solution that works for you – sometimes there is some trial and error involved.

New on the market  is the Waterbite.  We have yet to test this product out, mostly because the bipeds aren’t certain how effective it would be for travel.

The waterbite appears to be some sort of water “gel pop”.   The issue is once again portion size.  Not really made with the small dog in mind. These are only good for larger animals that would actually finish a pack.  But Mom wonders at the flavouring…. Is it necessary?

What is your portable water solution? And why does it work for you?

A message from Sigg:

Recycling your PET plastic water bottles is good… but using a reusable water bottle is much better for the environment.

«More than 90 percent of the environmental impacts from a disposable plastic bottle happen before the consumer opens it,» said Dr. Allen Hershkowitz, a senior scientist at the U.S. Natural Resources Defense Council. «Oil for plastic, oil for shipping, oil for refrigeration and, in a small % of bottles, oil for recycling – sadly most PET bottles go to landfills.»

So how to choose a water bottle for a small dog? keep in mind that worldwide, over 60 billion tons of plastic waste is produced every year. Plastic is particularly damaging because it is not biodegradable and plastic particles eventually become part of the food chain – as they have for example in our oceans. In some parts of the sea, there is five times more plastic than plankton.


7 Comments on “How to Choose a Water Bottle for a Small Dog

  1. I can do custom SIGG bottles with your photo on them! I think they’re the cutest and hope to order one for ourselves soon.

    There’s also a new option at Pet Valu of metal bottles with tops that turn into bowls. There’s a big size and a teeny size, and options of neoprene carriers.

    We have a reusable plastic one right now, we should really switch to metal! Thanks for another inspiring post, Monte!

    • YOU CAN??? Ooooh now maybe that would make the bipeds let me have my own bottle! We love SIGG, not just the bottle but the company and the way it does business and why it started. They were the first you know… to see the evil behind the plastic bottles.

  2. I carry the new collapsable Cesar bowl in size small and a small metal re-usable bottle(not heavy even when full).This way if I forget the water I still have the bowl that I can fillup anywhere.I am never shy to ask a dogpark patron to fill up my bowl if there isn’t a tap around. Both of these items have handy clips on them that attatch to any bag or purse.
    I also find I need to get Gibson to drink before we start out on an adventure and to offer water often.He will not drink once he gets to hot so I find the trick is too keep his pallet wet.

    • That is what my bipeds found too! do not wait or I stop drinking. Offer from the get go and often. Now I get excited when I see my bottle! Never occurred to us to just ask other dogpark patrons – seems obvious now! Thanks Christine!!

    • This is an older post… but what the heck, I have comments now! 🙂 We have the Cesar collapsable bowl too… love it! It comes with a clip so it can be clipped to a purse, bag or carrier. I am looking into buying the Brita individual bottle, with filter. I know, I know… it’s plastic. But it’s a reusable bottle, and since it comes with a filter, there is no need to worry about where your water comes from (well, except if it comes from a toilet!)

      • Please do tell us how you find using it! Would love to know! You’ll have to show me your bowl when we meet-up next!

  3. Jack uses a small Gulpy bottle. He’s a small guy (Havanese) – although big to you, Monte – so the small bottle usually has enough water for an hour doing urban agility in the park or a couple of hours out walking. It also means that when I clip the bottle on my pants, my pants aren’t pulled down! If it looks like the bottle is getting low, we just refill it at a fountain or restroom or whatever is appropriate. Another trick we use: we put about an inch of water in the bottle, leave the top off, and put the bottle in the freezer over night. That way, the water stays cold while out walking. Jack will drink more if the water is fresh and cold.

    However, your post has me thinking about the use of plastic. Even if free of Bisphenol A, there are problems with the manufacturing of plastic bottles. I’m liking the idea of one Sigg bottle for all of us in a neoprene wrap to keep it cold (and stop the condensation from soaking everything else). And if we can get our own picture on a Sigg bottle, well … who needs even to second guess that?!

    Finally, Monte, we, too, like to use products that are made by companies with sound manufacturing and employment standards, and with a mission that considers a gain beyond that in the shareholders’ pockets. If you know of more companies like this, do share! (For example, while not a doggie product specifically, Method – cleaning products manufacturer – is one of these companies and their cleaning products are entirely safe for use with dogs around.)

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