This Blogs 5th anniversary!


The blog turns five years old today! If that doesn’t seem like a long time to you, then let me try and put this milestone into context. Five years ago, selfie sticks, Uber, and Hulu didn’t exist, and Instagram was just barely launched.

Five years ago, I heard Mom say to Dad, “It will be a travel blog. But not just a blog. More than that. A resource. A place with answers. And stories. It will be anecdotal and from firsthand experience. You know—walk the talk—so folks will know they can trust us.”

And five years ago, I heard Dad reply, “It’ll be great, hon. I am sure there are others who wish something like that existed.” (Dad knew Mom had already made up her mind!)

And you know what, Dear Reader? The bipeds were right. Although several with-dog travel blogs exist, there aren’t any that deal with international travel the way we do. Or focus on walking tours the way we do. Or cover as many transportation methods as we do: airboats, trains, cars, planes, buses, cable cars, ferries, seaplanes, and more. However you travel, we’ve got you covered!

And Mom was right: this is more than just a blog. It’s a network. A community. Sure, many don’t comment on the blog itself (why is that?), but you are all very active on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. So our hunch was correct: there are people out there hungry for information about how to take pets with us as we travel.

Your interest in what we have to say even got us media attention as subject matter experts!


That day our home became a TV studio!

An interview with the Canadian Press got us coverage from coast to coast in Canada. We were covered with a fantastic radio interview—CBC, no less! And although we weren’t too pleased with how they used the footage, we even had a moment on Good Morning America.


Holding the local paper ! (How do I look so big in this photo? What magic is this?)

People want to travel with their pets. People want to debate the issues, especially the problem of with-pet access to public transportation and patios in North America. People have questions, fears, and concerns, and we are so happy that they speak to us and share with our dog loving community.

All of this attention brought about a big change: we went from a blog to a full-fledged website with a new modern look! And our expansion was timed to support another big event: the launch of the Montecristo Travels Adventure Books! These children’s illustrated travel guides are a labour of love, and having the first book out there in the world for people to enjoy has been a tremendous, if at times frustrating, experience. I will never forget our launch party for Montecristo Travels to Pisa.


At the book Launch (Photo by Eva Hadhazy)

This blog remains the best way we have as a family to mark time. But we are so happy that the blog is much more than just an online travel diary. And so it is, Dear Reader, on the fifth anniversary of Montecristo Travels, that we announce yet one more venture that takes Montecristo Travels beyond an online travel diary.

We are about to launch a Montecristo Travels product line!

We are SO excited about this! I don’t even have the words.

We will start with a few items with our logo and a gorgeous vintage travel theme, illustrated for us by our extraordinary illustrator, Allison. I hope – once live – you will take the time to visit our products page. We are confident you will find something you like!

Montecristo Travel Postcard5-2-2

Hot Air balloon ride over Ottawa!! Complete with Parliament and the Ottawa river! Art by Allison!

There will be contests, deals and specials for our loyal blog readers, so if you want the heads up, you’ll need to sign up on our email list (more on that soon!). As we venture forth in this new direction, please give us your feedback!

Montecristo Travels—our blog, our books, and our products—is all for you. We hope you’ll continue to join us in our adventures—in person or online. We hope you will continue to inspire us every day—in the comments section, on Instagram or Facebook, or anywhere. The beauty of this international with-dog travel business is that we are building it together. Thank you for caring and for being a part of this amazing journey!

17 Comments on “This Blogs 5th anniversary!


    Tons and tons of love and good luck thoughts from Luna and I for everything that comes next!

    • Thank you – both of you! Hope we meet this year in person! And maybe Luna can do another guest post on Columbia! Thank you so much for your support over the years. Means the world.

  2. !!!!!CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!
    May you successfully reach many more milestones 🙂

    With love,

    Michaela, Jeremy, Oliver & Chloe

  3. Congratulations 🙂
    Can’t wait to see your Montecristo Travels product line!

    Caroline & Tom, the little Yorkie

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