Three Dogs IN The Wedding Party!

It’s not every day that we sit down in our Ottawa appartment to Skype with beloved friends living all the way in Washington, DC. And what happened next? We never saw it coming. Not in a million years. We were completely floored when they surprised us by uttering the words:

“Would you three do us the honour of being in our wedding party?”

Instantly Mom squealed (she did. I promise. I was there. She did. My ears are still buzzing!) and Dad got a bit quiet from feeling so honoured before managing an emphatic nod. Then Mom said “Wait … Montecristo too? You said three…?”

And THAT Dear Reader is how I ended up flying to Prague not just for travel and not “just” so mom could pull off her proposal to dad (you read that post right?) No. I took a cross Atlantic flight from Ottawa Canada, to Prague in the Czech Republic (where the bride is from) so that I could be IN the wedding party. How could I not? It was way too huge an honor to pass up. I mean I am not their dog! I have seen pets in weddings … but it is always THEIR humans.  This? This was unheard of! Plus if I am honest, we were going even if not in the wedding party! Heck we would have crashed this wedding!

We knew this wedding was going to go down in our history as the most fancy pants one we would ever attend. Not only were the locations breathtaking and the outfits “Old Hollywood Glamour” but on top of all that I was going to get to hang out with two of my favourite traveling Chihuahua’s: Oliver and Chloe. It was their bipeds Michaela and Jeremy that were getting married after all and they too were in the wedding party. Three dogs in the wedding party! Because of course!

(All photos by Hanna Connor)

This Pet Friendly Wedding Had Three Dogs IN The Wedding Party Montecristo Travels

Chloe and Oliver with their newlywed bipeds Michaela and Jeremy Johnson!

If you think that the logistics of adding three dogs to a wedding wasn’t enough (like promising that our paws would not touch the ancient Mirror Chapel floor even though high heels were ok *eye roll*), we had our own wedding party attire to organize! Uhu! Yes Sir! The men were in timeless pale grey suits and thus Oliver and I as males, had our own mini replica suits made. Complete with purple bow-tie, pocket squares and cufflinks for our shirts. Chloe got to be a perfect little diva in an exquisite grey feather tutu dress.

This Pet Friendly Wedding Had Dogs IN The Wedding Party! Montecristo Travels

Oliver’s suit!

 Three Dogs IN The Wedding Party! Montecristo Travels

I am all ready and getting belly rubs while I wait! Thanks Dad!

If it wasn’t enough for you that we dogs were in the wedding party; we were also a part of the preparations. We attended the rehearsal dinner, the rehearsal proper and just like the humans, we dogs got split up according to gender on the day of the wedding!

Three Dogs IN The Wedding Party! Montecristo Travels

Dad and I getting ready!

I hung out with the men as we all got ready. Meanwhile Mom and Chloe got to bond all morning since Mom had been given the precious responsibility of holding Chloe during the ceremony. As mom said later “way better than a bouquet of flowers!”

This Pet Friendly Wedding Had Dogs IN The Wedding Party! Montecristo Travels

Better than flowers any day! Chloe in her feather tutu!

When I arrived at the location for the ceremony I was silly happy to see Mom. I had not seen her since we had left our studio apartment that morning around 8:00am. Although at first I did not recognize her in her fancy sequin dress and professional makeup and hair; I knew her scent right away. I wiggled out of dad’s arms for snuggles. Dad was also happy to see Mom… just so you don’t think I was being a “mama’s boy” or anything.

The Ceremony

As I mentioned, we had rehearsed the night before so everyone knew what to do. It went off like clockwork. I was very excited when it was our turn to walk down the aisle ahead of the bride. It was Dad on one side with me, then the ladies in the centre (Mom and Chloe), and the groom’s brother with Oliver on the other side. I think we made quite and entrance and caused quite a stir! I think even though people knew we dogs would be there no one expected we would look this good. Oh yeah … three dogs IN the wedding party rocks!

Three Dogs IN The Wedding Party! Montecristo Travels

Mom holding back tears …

During the ceremony we three dogs behaved perfectly. Not a peep out of any of us. Chloe hung out with Mom ignoring her happy tears … Mom cried so much that it threatened to lift her false eyelashes. Go ahead and laugh at that. She certainly did.

This Pet Friendly Wedding Had Dogs IN The Wedding Party! Montecristo Travels

Oh no – they may unglue! Chloe is laughing.

This Pet Friendly Wedding Had Three Dogs IN The Wedding Party Montecristo Travels

Oliver looking out at his Dad … me too. The bride is coming!

On the men’s side, us boys behaved like perfect little gentleman. Oliver looking adoringly at his mom most of the time like a good boy. Me? I was just pleased to be a part of it all and enjoyed my quality time with Dad. I must say, I did enjoy the live quartet behind me. The music was lovely.

Three Dogs IN The Wedding Party!  Montecristo Travels

I’m good as long as I am loved! Mom LOVES this photo!

This Pet Friendly Wedding Had Dogs IN The Wedding Party! Montecristo Travels

Yay! Mom is finally not crying!

And the Mirror Chapel? Holy Crap Batman … AMAZING! All of a sudden the rose gold sequin bridesmaid dresses made perfect sense. They were in perfect harmony with the spectacular venue.

This Pet Friendly Wedding Had Three Dogs IN The Wedding Party Montecristo Travels

I will give you a moment to enjoy this.

Then, the beautiful ceremony was done (kudos to Jeremy for saying his vows in CZECH!) and the time had come for us to have our photos taken with the wedding party. Yes us dogs too!

Three Dogs IN The Wedding Party! Montecristo Travels

Ah Europe how I love your architecture!

Three Dogs IN The Wedding Party! Montecristo Travels

A candid shot. Note the loving gaze of my Chi friends for their mom!

Then it was off to get some super fancy photos taken in the most beautiful library in the world! But first … a quick pee break for all!

The Photos

The Klementinum Library in Prague is hands down the most amazing place I have ever seen. I don’t hesitate in saying that it really is the most beautiful library in the world. Sadly, I could only see it from the open doorway as pets are not allowed inside. In all fairness, most humans are not allowed inside either. The library is NOT normally open to the public to visit and can only be viewed from behind a glass door. It’s carefully monitored for light and humidity to protect the ancient books. Alarms go off if any of that isn’t ideal for preservation.

This Pet Friendly Wedding Had Dogs IN The Wedding Party! Montecristo Travels

The bride and groom. Wedding photo of the 2016!

The bride and groom had paid for special permission to not only allow the wedding party to go inside for a quick visit, but to also have portraits taken there. BEST thank you present EVER! So, in order to not spoil it for anyone, all three of us dogs just sat down on the cool floors of the hallway; or hung out in the arms of someone not being photographed until it was all done. I would say it was absolutely worth it.

This Pet Friendly Wedding Had Dogs IN The Wedding Party! Montecristo Travels

Dad always goes in for a hard kiss! HA!!

As you can see, the romantic wedding ceremony and the magical library caused a lot of kissing.

And now? Off we went for the dinner and after party! Yes it was indoors and yes; us dogs were in attendance for that too!

The Party

We first hung out in the lobby as we waited for the bride and groom to finish their wedding photos around the city. This down time allowed me to be with mom and to work my magic with the ladies.  I even went for a little walk around the block to stretch my legs.

Three Dogs IN The Wedding Party! Montecristo Travels

I love this photo of my friends in the old streets of Prague!

Finally it was time for us to make our entrance into the dinner hall. Dancing all out; we entered in the same order as the wedding ceremony.

Three Dogs IN The Wedding Party! Montecristo Travels

Oh yeah … we got moves!

Three Dogs IN The Wedding Party! Montecristo Travels

Chloe and I are like: AGAIN!!

With tummies grumbling, we took our seats at the huge head table. I sat on Mom’s lap. We listened to speeches and watched the fun games the bride and groom would play. I enjoyed the meal and mingled with some of the dogs in attendance as guests (they had not been at the church so I had to go say hello and introduce myself!)

This Pet Friendly Wedding Had Dogs IN The Wedding Party! Montecristo Travels

Oliver getting dinner from his Dad – the groom!

A good time was being had by all. At one point I was handed over to Dad on the “men’s” side of the head table and I got to see the space from another angle.

Three Dogs IN The Wedding Party! Montecristo Travels

See? Dogs at the head table! Best man speech!

And then the dancing started. At this point the music was a little louder. Thoughtfully, I was invited along with Oliver, Chloe and the other local dogs to spend some time in the honeymoon suite of the hotel.

The problem? THAT was when we all decided to misbehave.

Now with six of us in one room and no humans present we just got into a pack mentality and started barking at every. single. tiny. noise. Other hotel guests complained and I saw how stunned both my bipeds and the newlyweds were. As traveling dogs experts this was something they had never dealt with before. Oliver, Chloe and I blame the local dogs for the out of character noise.

The only way to solve the problem was to return us to the party! YAY!

This Pet Friendly Wedding Had Dogs IN The Wedding Party! Montecristo Travels

Party!! Conga line and all!

But at this point I admit it had been a long day. Luckily (as planned) our studio apartment wasn’t far and dad just put me in my carrier and snuck me out to take me home. There I happily curled up on the bed not caring one bit that dad was leaving me behind so he could return to the dancing, to kissing mom who looked so lovely and having a great time with the newlyweds.

three dogs at a wedding Montecristo Travels first dance

I did get to see the first dance though!

And so ends my “Three Dogs IN The Wedding Party! ” tale. I still can’t believe I got to wear a suit, got to be in the wedding party and participate in ALL of the wedding related events other than the bachelor/ette party. I am honoured beyond belief. For those of you who love weddings, here is a short video of Michaela and Jeremy’s beautiful day. It’s got some amazing shots of Prague and I dare you to count how many times you can spot me (hint: more than 5 times) !

(Videographer: Jan Brzák from

48 Comments on “Three Dogs IN The Wedding Party!

    • yeah … there is no way the bipeds will top that with their small intimate wedding this summer. So I am super glad we got to do this!

      • Monte, tell your bipeds they don’t have to top anyone!! Their ceremony and reception will be awesome. I have no doubts about it and can’t wait to be there and snuggle you 🙂

  1. Awwww. What a gorgeous wedding, and the 3 of you looked mahhhvelous. P.S.: Dude, I can’t believe you and your buds misbehaved and got kicked out back to the party. Well played. Well played. Your phurry Philly phriend, Dino

  2. Dear Monte,

    Thank you for a wonderful recount of our wedding!!!

    Your view of the whole event made our day! We were really happy the three (ahem…two) of you (since your bipeds speak on your behalf) SAID YES to our proposal to be in the wedding. It was an honor to have you there among our family and beloved friends.

    Oliver and Chloé are inseparable parts of our lives, so of course they were included in the wedding. We were just missing Jeremy’s daughter KayLeigh there. She couldn’t make it since she just gave birth to her daughter Hazel a short while before the wedding took place. Otherwise she would be a part of this FABULOUS WEDDING PARTY as well. 🙂

    Monte, you clearly have a talent for storytelling. It makes us happy to see how your readers react to our wedding tale, and we thank them all for their well wishes. 🙂

    We will print this post and have you paw-sign it when we see you in August for your parents’ wedding. It will get framed as a reminder of our wonderful day and all the special people and puppies in our lives.


    With love your friends,

    Michaela, Jeremy, Oliver, & Chloé Johnson ❤

    • I had to write this post because it was the only way I could think of to not just re-live the day and the make the memory of it more solid in our minds (I find that is what happens when we write – those things we don’t write about loose their detail) but also because I really think you did something unique. As I now help mom and dad plan their own wedding – and we scour the internet for ideas of how to include pets – yours is the only one that had not only one but three dogs IN the actual wedding party. Not as a ring barer. Not as a guests. But standing there with you. REALLY honouring pets as family members and true friends. And you included your canine family members in ALL moments. An amazing way to prove that you do not just pay lip service to the idea of pets as family but really walk the talk. We love you so much for this and had to share with the dog loving community.

  3. Thank you ❤

    We were very happy these awesome and historic venues allowed for it to happen. It was that more special. Although to be honest, if they didn’t allow them to be there, we would simply choose different venues that would allow it. Oliver and Chloé not being included in the whole day wasn’t considered even once in our minds. Luckily Prague is so pet friendly, so we recomend your readers to take their dogs with them when they go see it! They won’t regret it 🙂


    • WE feel the same way. I am always stunned when folks that love their pets choose venues that exclude them. It’s shoking to us if we are honest. And it happens a lot. Love you guys.

  4. What a wonderful wedding! I am always so happy to see dogs in weddings, but it is rare to see one that doesn’t belong to the bride and groom. And now you are all prepared for when your parents get married.

  5. How truly glamorous! Everyone looks fabulous and the venue was just beautiful – beyond words! The outfits for the dogs! – Oh My! I’m sure it’s a day you will never forget.

    • Never! I think it will forever be “wow … remember that time when…?” Years to come we will chat about this.

  6. Wow one heck of a venue indeed!!! WHAT a wedding and WHAT an invitation, no wonder you were all aflutter – we would be too.

    As Europeans we love the architecture of cities like Prague, magnificent and still treasured. Not that we are jealous or anything…… 😉

    Thank you for a glorius post!

  7. How beautiful! Wonderful that everyone is involved – and quite hilarious that you all barked at every tiny noise once out of the celebration (such spoiled and precious babies)!!! Ha ha ha! Love reading your posts – they make me smile!

  8. Beautiful photography! Just beautiful! My favorite line: “Wait … Montecristo too? You said three…?”

    • well … I mean having your own pet in a wedding I have seen but to have a friends pet in your wedding? that was new!

  9. Wow!! what a stunning wedding. Love everyone’s outfits (including Oliver’s) and the photos and the venues. Just beautiful.

  10. Wow, what a gorgeous and breathtakingly beautiful wedding! And how special that you all got to be a part of it together. Love the photos in the library – amazing!

  11. I do love a dog in a bow-tie and purple no less! Pretty fun that you doggies got into some trouble in the honeymoon suite. These pictures are absolutely gorgeous!

  12. Oh! I didn’t know you all were there for a wedding! First, yes that library is the most beautiful library I’ve ever seen – but these pictures are stunning. The outfit for Oliver is precious and the tutu for Chloe – come on!! The bride is gorgeous too and I love your dress as well. What a wedding!

  13. We have to thank you all, dear readers, that took time to reply to this post, and also for giving us such beautiful compliments!
    With love,
    Michaela, Jeremy, Oliver, & Chloe 🙂

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