Visiting Krka National Park With a Small Dog

Who is crazy enough to visit a national park during a torrential downpour? We are, apparently!


It’s a glorious wet mess!

Chalk it up to our “we may never return and we must see this” thought process. It was possibly one of the craziest things we did on our trip to Croatia. Not only had we already gotten totally soaked in Šibenik, but the rain was also falling harder by the time we drove into the main entrance of Krka National Park. By then, the puddles were little lakes. But onward, we prevailed! At least the boars were not likely to be out and about!


Not a sign I see every day!

We entered the park from the Skradin entrance. (There is also the Lozovac entrance). You have to park the car, get your ticket at the information centre or ticket booth, and then board a BIG bus that will take you further into the park. You can grab a coffee at the entrance and you could even have something to eat, but because the weather was so dreadful, the restaurants were understandably closed.

I was most welcome in the park and on the bus so long as I remained on leash. No one was alarmed by my presence and there was no pet fee.


Bronze overview of the park – with a brail like approach for the visually impaired. Well done Krka!

The view as we drove into the park was breathtaking even if it did not photograph well and the view was hindered by heavy and low cloud formations. It’s no surprise that the vista is one of those “as far as the eye can see” — the park is huge. It covers an area of roughly 109 square kilometres (42 square miles for my U.S. friends).


So much to see and so little time… and so much rain!

The park has been around since 1985, so it’s not ancient, but it’s been around long enough for the protection of the space to be felt and appreciated by the local wildlife. The park was designed to protect the unique ecosystem found in the middle regions of the River Krka — hence the National Park’s name.


Also, the wood path keeps you SAFE!!

Once dropped off, we found the wooden bridge we were to follow into the park. The rules are very clear: you MUST remain on the wooden trail and never, ever get off it. This wooden trail, that sometimes turns into little bridges, is in place to minimize the impact that human (and canine) traffic would have on conservation of the land.


On the path … I am staying dry! Thanks Dad!

It was a bit slippery with the rain, but we followed the trail and honestly, what we saw — even in the rain — was absolutely breathtaking.


Just wow…

From time to time, Mom would just stop and stare. The tableau was so beautiful, she sometimes forgot to breathe.



At one point we saw a kingfisher dive for its super. Then a moment, later a swan swam past. Dad and Mom just giggled.


Can you imagine on sunny day?

The turquoise water is SO clear you can easily see the abundant trout population just below the surface. You feel like you could just reach in and scoop one up! But there is absolutely NO fishing allowed.


How many do you count?

We didn’t see as many of the birds as we would have liked — probably due to the weather — but Krka is full of egrets and herons. There are two hundred species of birds in Krka!

Visiting Krka National Park with a small dog at the falls

Mind blowing right?

At the heart of the park is Lake Visovac — complete with waterfalls and welcoming banks (swimming is allowed), and surrounded by steep hills and oak woods.


I can’t even imagine living here!

Limestone caves and walls dot the landscape.


But you can’t approach STAY on THE WOOD PATH!!

And there is a lovely village and a monastery as well.  The village was once a settlement of Illyrian and Liburnian tribes that were later replaced by Romans. The village finally became a bishop’s see around the sixth century.

You can catch a boat from here to go upriver and see the far more impressive falls known as Roški Slap. The falls are 25 meters (82 feet) high, but sadly, we missed them because the boat wasn’t running due to the bad weather.


But this will do!

Krka is picturesque. I have used this word before but I don’t think I fully understood the meaning of it until we visited Krka.


You can bathe in this spot…

There is a peacefulness and harmony that seeps into you — just like the rain on our day there — and leaves you feeling refreshed and joyful. I wish it had been sunny or at least not as wet. I would have liked to have walking about. But considering the downpour, I was happy to be snug and dry in my sling bag. Thanks Dad for carrying me about!


Nature in all it’s glory!

Once we were done, we found the spot where the bus picked us up to take us back to the carpark. After grabbing a coffee, we set off. We decided to skip Plitvice Lakes National Park and drive straight to Zagreb. Although we felt at peace and happy with our time in Krka, we were also wet and cold. Mom’s cold was by then threatening to get worse and Dad was adamant that Mom remain in the car and dry.  Mom and I were bummed but … we understood.

For more photos go ahead and visit our FB photo album on Krka National Park.


A carpet of Cyclamen in bloom under the trees – yes that will do nicely!

In review: Visiting Krka National Park with a small dog is something we can’t recommend enough! Just GO! It’s a magical experience in an utterly unique environment.  Wooden paths, waterfalls, abundant wildlife … it’s so lovely you feel like you may have entered a Disney movie. Mom even said, “Any moment now, Tinkerbell will show up and I wouldn’t even be surprised.” Yes … it’s THAT magical, even on a pouring rain, cold, October day.

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  1. That is beautiful! Nola and I are going to Europe for three months this fall (and I can’t even begin to describe how much your blog has helped me in planning this!), and after this, Croatia is on our list. Thanks!

    • You will LOVE it!! I have tones of posts on Croatia! So glad you are being helped by our blog. it’s nice to know it’s being used for trip planning!! Let us know if you have any questions. Happy to help!

  2. What a beautiful place! Perhaps the rain kept crowds away? I’d love to travel like this before I get too old. Will have to see what kind of dog I have by then. The corgis would have to stay home. 🙁

    • I do think the rain kept the crowds away and we got to see it in a more idyllic setting. A silver lining!
      As for travel — there are all sorts of options some in our own backyard. It’s why we started also blogging about some things we do locally here in Ottawa! AND my friend Luna and her pawrent Gigi are currently on the road crossing the US and then Canada. 🙂

    • maybe… although I think the bright shades of turquoise the water is famous for was lost to under the grey sky. And … it always kinda sucks to be cold. Magical still. No regrets.

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  4. Thanks for the Info! We are going today with our family and small dog.

  5. You both were brave to be out there in the rain storm. Your dad took wonderful pictures. Glad you had a good adventure and stayed dry in the over the shoulder bag. Clever!

  6. Just beautiful! I am so glad that you went and that your mom took those gorgeous photos! What a wonderful treasure.

  7. Thank you for such a treat! Yes, you got damp and, yes, I did giggle at a sensible pup wanting to stay dry (hee hee) but it was such a joy to see the park at Krka.

    Thank you.

  8. WOW!!! Absolutely gorgeous! Those waters… incredible! How awesome that you all got to visit. Thanks for sharing your photos and adventure with us. We love to live vicariously through your international adventures!!!

  9. WOW! Those pictures are truly stunning. I am so glad that you braved the awful weather to share this magical place. You always make me want to dust off the passport 🙂

  10. Rain and all, it looks like a beautiful place to share with your dog. I wish I could stick my Goldens in a shoulder bag so they would get wet! lol Gorgeous photos, thanks for sharing!

  11. That “on the path and staying dry, thanks Dad” photo just made me smile from ear to ear. It looks like a lovely destination. I am traveling vicariously to all these fab places with my dog through you.

    • Thanks Carol! now and then the flap would lift – nose would twitch and sniff and then a drop of water would make it in and YIKES! LOL Humans can get wet but not this puppers!

  12. Wow, it’s easy to see the beauty of the park, even though it rained while you were there. The photos of the falls look like a painting……great scenery! Thank you for sharing your travels with us!

  13. I would love to see this place! Those waterfalls are gorgeous. I’m glad that you braved the rain so that we could all live vicariously through you. Sometimes those trips where you do something out of the ordinary are the most memorable. 🙂

  14. Those waterfalls are stunning! What a gorgeous place, I’m glad you all braved the rain to see this. I wouldn’t have wanted to miss it either. Thanks for sharing!
    Love & Biscuits,
    Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them

  15. Such beautiful photos of a beautiful place, even in the pouring rain. Looks like they have done a great job of protecting it. My hubby would love looking for birds there.

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