Visiting Burgas With a Dog – Bulgaria

Because we only spent about 2-3 hours in Burgas, I can’t go into a long review of the city. I can point you to the Wikipedia page for all its history. It’s a lot like the other towns in the region:  Built up by the Thracians, and lots of warring well into the Middle Ages and Byzantine rule and then of course the Ottoman invasion, WWI and WWII and so on.

We didn’t visit the museums, or the famous lakes. We missed a lot. The term “scratching the surface” barely covers what we did.


I do want to show you the part we did see. Because Dear Reader, Burgas it turns out – is really REALLY lovely.


We drove into Burgas and parked easily under the branches of some large trees and off we went, following our hosts.   We stumbled upon the pedestrian Bogoridi Street, where we found some fun things and goofed off.

Baby it is Hot Outside!

Oooooh!! How Do I Turn This On?!!

Antiques and Stuff!

Then we came upon a big and beautifully landscaped park known as the Sea Garden.  This is a big deal because highly landscaped spaces are actually rare in Bulgaria. The only other landscaped park we had visited was The City Garden in Sofia.

And when I say this park is well taken care of … that’s an understatement.  It is not only AMAZING  it is delightfuly dog friendly (on leash).

It has coffee shops with terraces and long, well paved paths under massive trees are provided for a stroll.  Children play areas and separate little quiet nooks and themed courtyards pop up for lovers.  Not to mention a lot of beautiful ART! Statues are everywhere telling Bulgaria’s story through its heroes, leaders, writers, composers, musicians and poets… even Alexandre Pushkin (a Russian!) can be found.

Mr. Pushkin – Russian Poet!

The flower beds are large, exotic and colourful…

Art and Flowers!

There are water fountains free to all, and even a “rent a bike” system  (called Bixi in Canada)… Who knew?!

Rent a Bike!

And dog poop bag supplies are provided!

Well done Burgas!

And of course there is the Casino and the steps to the huge… massive… gigantic beach!

This is a 5th of the length!

The best part? The splendid discovery of an Espresso Bar Bike!  High end coffee on wheels! Oh yes Dear Reader THIS is an idea worth taking home! For coffee snobs only! No drip coffee here! Nooooo Sir!!

The grin says it all!

As we walked back towards the car through the fancy district of Lazur, we were stunned. We’d barely spent any time in Burgas but we loved it. We really did. It seemed like the kind of city where you would want to live.  I don’t know if it is the sea air, or the sunshine but it has a cheerier disposition than other Bulgarian cities. The homes along our path were being restored to their previous glory.  The people seemed “lighter” and “happier”.  The citizens more fashionable and more connected to Europe as a whole rather than the old image of Eastern Europe. There was less of … that sense of struggle in Burgas.  It smelled a little bit of  … do I dare say it? …money.  If I had to  describe it in a short sentence I woudl have to say: Burgas has a Riviera vibe to it.

Happy Yellow Restoration!

Certainly, if we are ever back in the region, we will make a point to discover Burgas more thoroughly. But in the meantime, we remember our glimpse of what it has to offer fondly.

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6 Comments on “Visiting Burgas With a Dog – Bulgaria

  1. I can only say a BIG THANK YOU!!!! This article is very SPECIAL for me, because it’s my favorite city!
    I know that this city has many disadvantages, but I feel a very special connection with this place …. Maybe if I could choose, I would like to live in Burgas! 🙂
    Next time when you come to stay there longer we can look at it and really enjoy quality!
    Thank you very much DEAREST friends for visiting Burgas and Bulgaria!!!

    • aw… well I am glad we went. More time would have been great. Would have been fun to see the famous lakes, see some of the museums and I really want to take one of those rental bikes and go the full length of the park. Plus we never found out if the beach was dog friendly or not. So I guess… we will just have to go back! 🙂 THANK YOU for taking us!

  2. I so much love looking at your travel photos and reading the comments you provide… and this report is as lovely as all the others… It’s amazing what can be done and seen in three hours !!! Thank you dear Monte !!

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