Visiting Quebec City, Canada With a Dog!

Ah, Quebec City … the capital of the province of Quebec, Canada ’s francophone stronghold.  A stunning city, filled with a rich history, seeped in drama, and in stories worth the telling.   Quebec City is a place where the new and the old mingle and mix and where North Americans can get a feel for Europe without having to cross the Atlantic Ocean .  The streets of the old town are cobble stoned, the shops and architecture reminiscent of “La Vielle France ” … Old France and not England, making this city unique in many ways.  In places, time seems to have stopped. The city has worked very hard to preserve its rich heritage. The Old Upper and Lower Town is a large open air museum where people work, play and live. If you are a foodie – than this town is for you!

Visiting Quebec City, Canada With a Dog

Canon on the Plain D’Abraham!

We go because my Grandma lives there.  Up in the Plaines of Abraham a historic site where the French lost to the British during the Battle of the same name; one of the many stories that contribute to some degree to the split within this nation between the Francophone’s and Anglophones.   Sadly bitterness remains although, it seems that talk of separatism has quieted these days.

Grandma maintains and keeps the family home. She is one capable woman because that is one big house! She adores me so visits are always a good time. I get to sleep in her bed (something I am never allowed to do at home) and she makes the most amazing meals like ratatouille and fillet mignon and such … AND I get to run around on wool carpet and up and down stairs … I love it!

Visiting Quebec City, Canada With a Dog Montecristo

Make sure to look between the old homes to find these wonderful surprises!

What is even lovelier is how dog friendly the city is. I think that the bipeds were truly surprised. The truth is the citizens of that city have embraced canines with all their collective hearts.  The first time this was obvious was when we went for a walk on the Plaines of Abraham near grandma’s house.  Not only am I allowed everywhere on the paths and trails (on leash), but they even provide poop bags at many handy dispensers!  I had a fabulous time climbing up and down little walls, looking at the Saint Lawrence River from my perch near the statue of Governor General Grey … I also played on the old canons that line the sport fields and sniffed many flowers and greeted many a fellow canine or biped.  The only place I was not allowed was the designated roller blade and “in line skating” path … understandable.   There are water fountains and loads of big trees for shade.  It is an absolutely wonderful walk if you are lucky to be there on the rare occasion the sun is shining.

In addition to the “Plains” we went for a long walk around the historic Old Town . What a fun time with all the old streets and centuries of smells and odours. The horse and carriage rides, the tourists and the art at every corner and they love flowers! Oh my! Let me tell you, we saw some truly spectacular flowers on balconies, under windows, framing front doors … Oh what a sight!

Visiting Quebec City, Canada With a Dog Montecristo

Mom? Ummmm… not sure about this weather.

The most recognizable landmark of Quebec City must be the Château Frontenac currently a Fairmont Hotel. It sits, a mighty regal presence over the entire old city dominating the skyline.  You would think it has been there forever but the truth is it dates back only to the 19th century as part of a Château series of hotels being built across Canada for the Pacific Canadian Railway (We also have one in Ottawa called the Château Laurier).  Oh what a gem!  We went in and had a look around and it was like being transported back in time – in fact much of the staff is dressed in period costumes and act as non-official guides.  You can take a guided tour and find out all the fun stories (some ghost stories too!) and hear of all the famous people that have stayed and learn about those moments that changed history within the Château walls.  I had such a good time, even if I was stopped every few feet by staff and customers alike to be petted and cooed over.

One of the nice things is that for me, a small dog … I could sit at the indoor patio at the Starbucks inside the Frontenac and warm up from the cold winds outside.  It is rare to find a spot indoors where a canine can relax … even if in hiding.  But it should come as no surprise after all; the Frontenac has its own dog! Yes they do … Santol is a greeter and works there 5 days a week.  He works for both the MIRA foundation and the Fairmont .  How cool is that? And he was featured in a book with his fellow greeter Catie!  If you didn’t love Faimont – you should now!  There are six greeters so far at these luxury hotels. Mom bought the book and read it to me while dad got the coffee …and it is awesome! She hopes that next time Santol will be there so I can get a picture with him!  I have his Pawtograph in my book.  We have decided we will even stay a night at the hotel, just so we can write a full review! Yippeee!

Visiting Quebec City, Canada With a Dog

Taking the Funicular from the Fairmont down!

After we warmed up – we went to the massive and stunning boardwalk of the Château Frontenac.  This is an amazing place where you can see the Saint Lawrence River below and the roof tops of the entire old town.  From there we took the cute and highly efficient funicular down to the Lower Town . Oh what fun!  The bipeds had to pay $2 each but I got to go on for free!  It is a short ride but so very picturesque and I totally understand why people would take it to go back up from Lower Town .  After all not everyone is as crazy as we are … we actually enjoyed taking the hundreds of steps back up! Québec City boasts nearly 30 sets of stairs that link the Upper Town with the Lower Town . Don’t believe me … you should read up! Each stairway has its own personality and history.

Unfortunately for us the weather got really bad and we had to give up on plans to discover more of this magnificent city and the local area – in particular a hike in the Parc de la Chute-Montmorency to see the falls etc.   But we will be back!! So after a lunch at grandma’s we got back in the car and headed home to Ottawa . We out drove a tornado in the area of Trois-Rivières and got caught in a shocking storm that forced dad to drive at a snails pace with the four way lights flashing, but in time we made it home safe and sound to tell our tale.

In case you are still not convinced you should take the time to discover Quebec City – I leave you with a list of Dog Friendly accommodations (after all not everyone can stay at Grandma’s!), attractions (not already mentioned in this post) and even restaurants. Note that these were dog friendly at the time of this post. Call ahead to make sure this is still the case.  Let us know if something has changed!


Clarion Hotel Quebec -3125 Hochelaga  
Delta Quebec Hotel -690 Boul Rene-Levesque E  
Hilton Quebec -1100 Rene Levesque East  
Hotel Dominion 1912 -126 St Pierre  
L’Hotel du Vieux Quebec -1190 rue St-Jean  
Le Dauphin Quebec Hotel & Suites -400, du Marais  
Quality Suites Quebec -1600 Rue Bouvier  
BEST WESTERN PLUS City Centre/Centre-Ville -330 De La Couronne  
Loews Le Concorde Hotel -1225 Cours Du General De Montcalm


Parc de la Chute-Montmorency -2490, avenue Royale  Beauport CSA Historical Walking Tour -4, rue Toussaint  
Fortifications of Québec National Historic Site -100 Saint-Louis St.  
Horse and Carriage Tours -Place d’Armes or rue d’Auteuil  
Le Promenade des Ecrivains (Writer’s Walking Tour) -1588, avenue Bergemont  
Parc Nautique de Cap-Rouge Boat Rentals -4155, chemin de la Plage-Jacques-Cartier  
Quebec – Levis Ferry -Rue Dalhousie, Lower Town  
Rue du Tresor Open Air Artist District -Rue du Tresor  
Voir Quebec Walking Tours -12, rue Ste-Anne


Artillery Park Heritage Site -2 D’Auteuil Street 
Battlefield Park -835 Wilfrid-Laurier Avenue  
Cartier – Brebeuf National Historic Site -175 l’Espinay Street  
Domaine Maizerets -2000, boulevard Montmorency  
Dufferin Terrace -at Chateau Frontenac  
Saint-Louis Forts and Chateaux National Historic Site -2 D’Auteuil Street

Shopping Centers

Le Promenades du Vieux-Quebec -43, rue De Buade

Outdoor Restaurants

Bistrot Le Pape Georges -8, rue Cul-de-Sac   
Chez Rabelais -2, rue du Petit-Champlain   
L’Ardoise -71, rue St-Paul  
Le Buffet de l’Antiquaire -95 rue Saint-Paul

Transportation Systems

Quebec – Levis Ferry -Rue Dalhousie, Lower Town  
Taxi Coop de Quebec -Throughout the city  
Taxi Quebec -Throughout the city  
VIA Rail Canada –  In Cargo

In review: Visiting Quebec City, Canada with a dog is a great idea. A fine time for history loving canines and humans.  A must see stop and one of Canada ’s most picturesque cities. I recommend that you go in the warmer months when outdoor activities are available.   Quebec City is one of the coldest spots in the nation and the winter months are not a time for canines to visit (unless you are a Husky), especially the really little ones.  Check the weather for the time of year you wish to visit!


33 Comments on “Visiting Quebec City, Canada With a Dog!

  1. Again wonderful written article. It is so beautiful and romantic. Thank you! We would like to visit some day!
    Best regards!

    • If you ever do our dear friend – let us know … I would be happy to be your guide!

  2. Very niced pics! I may have to take yet another trip there this summer but with Pepito this time. One thing I have to disagree on though, there ARE lots of sunny days! I lived nearby for 9 years and visit on a regular basis and always had good weather! It is a beautiful city indeed. Lots of history and many amazing places to eat. A true piece of Europe without the 6 hour flight. Well done!

    • Really? wow we have been about a dozen times in the last 3 years and only twice did we have good weather!! I am SO glad then that it has just been bad luck. Although Dad lived there most of his life and agrees with me! he said that Quebec City is bizarre. You can be 20 min outside by car and the sun is shining bright and you drive into the city and “pooof” sun is gone. LMAO!

      • Monte, you must have had bad luck! They get roughly 10 sunny days less than we do in a year. But I guess timing IS everything. Knock on wood, but everytime I’ve been, it’s been beautiful, and warm. I probably just jinxed myself by saying that! 🙂 I’ve already started looking at pet friendly hotels for this summer, your post really got me in the mood for going back, it’s been a while now. How did you do the meal thing? Were you able to sit at outdoor patios? Do they allow dogs?

        • Roxane, I listed the pet friendly restaurants on the post … We called ahead to confirm but it was never a problem. We did eat at Grandma’s house mostly. Depending on your hotel breakfast can normally be served in the room. Have fun and let us know how it went!

  3. Thank you very much! If you ever have the opportunity to come and look at your Beautiful Country will be glad to show it to us! Best regards!

  4. Okay, I’m jealous! It seems like you had a great time in Quebec, and I’m half a way away.
    I must compliment your beautiful postcard-style blog, too. Such a lovely concept, and I look forward to hearing more about your adventures.

  5. Thank you for another wonderful post! I was born in the UK, my family moved to Toronto then to Hamilton and finally crossed the border to Buffalo where i was mostly raised. We enjoyed many of our summer family vacations back in Canada. Buffalo lacked the culture and diversity my parents craved. We always had our Canadian born Labrador “Charcoal” with us. Great childhood memories…

  6. Montecristo, you look so much like this rescue dog I helped out with until he got adopted a few weeks ago. His name was Charlie and he had the same colors as you! Hats off to the world traveler Chi!

  7. Hi, Monte, enjoyed every minute of reading, just love your style, i really see now that you can describe an empty pot in such a way, that everybody would like to look inside (lol!) Hope you don’t think after my silly joke that Quebec is an empty pot for me, Oh, no!!!! I am impressed really and found out many things I couldn’t possibly know! Such an adventure, thanks a lot!

    • What a lovely and poetic complement!!! Glad you found it interesting and maybe it will make you want to visit … 🙂

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  9. Bon Jour! We are heading off tomorrow for a week in Quebec and we are so excited! We are bringing our 2 rescue dogs with us for our family adventure. One is about 55 lbs. and the other is about 30 lbs. We will be staying at the Hotel Le Voyageur. Thank you for your great information on this blog. If you would like to meet us anytime during our stay there (6/24/13-6/28/13) please reply and I’ll check my e-mail. We are coming up from the beautiful Mid-Hudson Valley of New York State in the US.

    • Oh I wish we could meet up!! would have been such fun! But we live about 5 hours away in Ottawa and we leave for Greece and Bulgaria in a few days so … crazy travel packing going on! Would LOVE if you would share your experience here in a comment on the hotel, what you did with the big dogs and if you found the city to be friendly towards them. Could you do that? I also hope you get a little sun … 🙂 ENJOY!!

  10. What a great article – exactly what I was looking for in planning a vacation to Quebec with our furry friends!

  11. I just came across this post while looking for places to visit with my dog. Do you know if Quebec City is as friendly to big dogs as it is to little dogs? If I’m going to bring my boy, I’d like to be able to bring him out as much as possible.

    • Hello Cassie and welcome to my blog!
      I do not know where you are from so I may say a few things that might seem obvious to you but might not be to another.

      Personally we don’t find North America to be all that pet friendly. Like most of Canada (with a few exceptions such as Toronto) pets can’t enter anywhere where food is served. That includes patios. As I mention however – the advantage of a big dog is that the “dog on the other side of the railing” rule is not a dangerous one. So keep in mind that you will likely – in good weather – find a patio where you can eat as long as your dog is just on the other side of that railing.

      Stores like Roots and Urban Barn etc. are pet friendly big or small. The parks I mentioned as well and walking about the old city is just fine. I think you will have a good time keeping in mind that if it is raining some stores may no longer allow a big dog in.

      Pet’s are not allowed on public transportation. Big or small. SO that can be an issue too.

      But there are many things you can do. Have you read my post on the self guided tour of the Quebec murals?? And DO walk the old walls around the Old Town. It’s awesome. I also wrote another post here.

      I plan on writing a follow-up post on the city outside of the “Old Quebec”. When are you going?

      • Great article, and so helpful! I am planning to visit in July with a medium sized springer. I would like to do museums and some things I’m sure dogs can’t do, so was wondering if you know of any doggy daycares?


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  13. Merci & Thank you for this wonderful post! My husband & I are planning our first trip to Quebec (1st to Canada actuallly) from the US, and we were worried about bringing our little dog who loves to go everywhere with my husband. Your post and many details have eased my mind and I can continue planning our autumn trip without worry. Thank you!!!

  14. Very helpful post! Thank you for taking the time to help out your fellow travellers.

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  17. Nice blog and interesting topics. Bravo!
    Although I am afraid I have to disagree on the pet friendly city.
    I live in NYC and I know there are some places more dog friendly than others. I am currently in Quebec City for a few days with my three small dogs which I keep in a big stroller to go places, and I still cannot get why I can’t have dinner outdoors with them ( in the stroller) in any restaurant of the grand allee… we tried in 4 different restaurant and finally in one the maitre told us that if we keep them hidden in the stroller we could sit. Apparently they might be fined if there are pets outdoors! So disappointed because the city is beautiful but not so great if you have your furry friends with you.

  18. thank you for this (even though it is several years old)! We are travelling with our pup from Toronto and it is so helpful to know where we can take him!

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