What You Should Know About Dogs and The Florida Keys – By Foreign Correspondent Josie O!

I want to thank Josie O  for signing up as a Montecristo Travels Foreign Correspondent! We are SO excited to have her on board. This is the first (of we hope many) of her special reports for this blog and we could not be happier.  Although still  a novice traveler, Josie O is already a fantastic addition to the team!

We are certain that her clever and witty reports will charm our Readers.  Welcome Josie O!


I love the people, and the people love me, so I was happy when Mom and Dad took me somewhere with lots of new people. The place is called the Florida Keys. I think these keys must open the door to summer, because when we got there, it was so much warmer than home!


We have landed!


We stayed at a motel in Key Largo called the Sunset Cove Resort, which is a bunch of cute cottages. There were quite a few dogs there, so I had to share the people. Still, I know everyone liked me best.

Almost all the restaurants in Key Largo have outdoor seating, and the people who work there brought me water like I was a regular customer. Mom always called ahead to ask if I could come. There were only two restaurants I couldn’t visit. I heard there was a cat at one of them. I would have liked to have met it. We left ours at home.


Dad and his Girlie Drink!


The other thing we did was go on boats. Mom called ahead for those trips, too. She’d say, “Is it okay if I bring my three and a half pound Chihuahua with me? She’s very friendly.” Mom is extra polite when she makes these calls. She says people figure a well-behaved owner has a well-behaved dog. Sometimes the boat people asked questions or made sure she knew there might be loud noises. Loud noises don’t bother me. I only care about the people.

We went on a trip through the mangroves, and saw manatees, rescued dolphins, bunches of different birds, and lots of iguanas.


Hunting... ummm... looking for manatee!


I also went on a really big glass-bottomed boat. It was two stories high, and went fast enough that there was a big wind. It felt funny in my fur and made me squint.


Ah ... Freedom ...


There are some places I can’t go in the United States: national parks and monuments. So I didn’t get to go to John Pennecamp state park to snorkel, but you have to be in the ocean to snorkel, so I didn’t mind missing it. The ocean isn’t like a bath. It chased me when I first saw it. I told it to back off, and it did (for a while).

On our last day in Florida, we drove to Key West. There were chickens all over, which I was not allowed to chase. We were walking along the sidewalk and looking for somewhere for Mom and Dad to eat lunch, when some people at the Tree Top Café said, “Come on up! Your dog is welcome!” So we went up and sat on the balcony, which had a view of the people on the street below.

Someone brought me water right away, but it had ice, so I drank the water we brought. I guess the food was quite good, because Mom and Dad made a lot of happy noises and talked about how the pink Key shrimp are so much better than other shrimp. I didn’t get even one! I did get carrots from Mom’s salad.

Waiting to be seated!

What Mom and Dad ate!

Mine. The Carrot.


On our way out of Key West, we stopped and went to a larger beach than the tiny one at our motel. Beaches are fantastic, because the people lie on the ground where you can really get to them. Mom and Dad always ask if I can say hi first, but that’s just a courtesy. The people love me, and I love the people.


You may Love me!


I hope we go back to the Keys someday, because I know it made Mom and Dad extra happy to have me with them. And thank you, Montecristo! Mom and Dad found some of the information we used on your blog.  Someday I hope to meet your people!


About Our Foreign Correspondent: Josie O is a long-haired Chihuahua who belongs to software architect Joe Frank and mystery author Esri Allbritten (first title in series, Chihuahua of the Baskervilles). Josie is just over two years old, and her favorite activity is meeting new people.  You can learn more at JosieO.com and EsriAllbritten.com, but for a steady stream of Josie pictures, visit Esri’s Facebook page.

8 Comments on “What You Should Know About Dogs and The Florida Keys – By Foreign Correspondent Josie O!

  1. I thought that picture looked like Esri! I was right. Nice to know all these things as i am hoping to spend a good amount of time in Florida next winter with my trusted side kick, Pepito. The key to a successful pet friendly trip seems to be to ”call ahead” for any activity, that way you are not disappointed once you get to your destination.

    Thanks again to Monte and Josie O! Hopefully I can report from Sarasota next year. 🙂

  2. Great post by Josie and her parents!!! Makes me want to bring our 2 pups, Dusty and Coco to Florida!

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