WrapSit the Best Slip Cover Crate for Outdoor Adventure

I rarely do product reviews. Not because they aren’t something valuable but because it’s not really what this blog is about. But there are always going to be exceptions!

So what is our criteria for Product Reviews on Montecristo Travels?

1) The company has to be offering a product we were already using, eyeing or looking at for travel reasons. If it isn’t related to travel we will not review it here.

2)  They must agree to the possibility of a bad review made public should that be the case. Most do not allow this – asking for no review at all if you don’t like it – thus skewing the perception of the product online.

3) We must be given a chance to put it trough the test of time. LOTS of time, in order to really judge quality. We ask for 6 months to a year. Most expect a review within days. That is not enough since we’ve often found that we do NOT like a product after all once the initial “honeymoon” phase wears off.

In addition we will always favor ethically sourced and vegan (sorry – no leather!) products. So we were thrilled when WrapSit contacted us last winter.  We laid out our three rules and .. they agreed!

So here we are – a year later with our very honest review.

What is WrapSit?

The WrapSit is a slipcover crate for your outdoor folding quad chair. It slips over your chair to create – underneath the seating area – a 5 cubic foot soft-sided pet crate. It folds up into nothing when removed, or you can just leave it attached to the “camping chair” since it will double as the chairs carrying cover. This makes it ready anytime and anywhere you open your chair!

7-doggiftguide-wrapsit-Montecristo travels


Why the Wrapsit?

For us, the #1 reason we were drawn to the product was that it provided shade. Imagine a hot sunny day at the beach and not a tree or umbrella in sight to protect your dog. This solves that problem instantly – add a cooling pad and WOW! It’s also a bug free zone for your pet. I don’t know about you but I am not a fan of wasps, mosquitos or even flies. The WrapSit allows me to take a break from the flying pests!

In situations like camping, picnics, outdoor concerts, festivals, sporting event “sideline” moments (any soccer Mom’s out there?) or even large family gatherings in the backyard; this solution provides a safe haven for your small dog. The WrapSit keeps tiny dogs from underfoot and reduces the possibility of injury. It will also help with your pets anxiety and discomfort by providing your little dog with a “safe zone” to call their own. I could see this being great for those taking their little ones to agility training!

WrapSit review by Montecristo Travels

My spot away from busy feet! Next step? Adding a cooling pad!

And as a bonus? You can keep your own personal belongings safer and out of the sand, wet grass or dirt. You are less likely to be a target for theft if you place your purse next to your dog inside the soft crate. That’s a whole lot safer than a bag on the ground, or slung on the back of a chair! It makes walking away a few feet from your chair a little easier to.  It keeps fly away items such as books, maps, or towels  tucked underneath while you go frolic in the water with your dog a few feet away.

What Chair do I need?

The WrapSit fits over “scissor leg quad chairs” you know the ones right? they have that “X”. What is great is that although the company doesn’t sell the chairs – they have taken the time to review several options and rate them on their website for you. That’s really helpful for anyone that doesn’t own any “camping chairs” and wouldn’t know where to even start (that would be folks like us!)!

Take a look at what they suggest and see if maybe you already have the perfect type of chair! Odds are that if you camp, go to dog shows, or sporting events you already have the right chair in your collection. It’s a reason why we like that it does not come with a chair. I want to choose my own chairs and if you already have one you don’t end up with yet ANOTHER chair you don’t need.

How tall can my dog be?

I don’t think you would want the top of your dog’s head to be any higher than 18”. So if your dog is about 12” at the shoulder or smaller … you should be good. This product is for smaller dogs for sure. We are talking toy breeds such as Chihuahuas, Maltese, Yorkies, Shi Tzu’s and the smaller Wiener dogs. Basically they have to be able to stand up under your seat.

WrapSit the Best Slip Cover Crate for Outdoor Adventure - Montecristo Travels Review

When there is no shade in sight! See that smile?

Note: The WrapSit is not meant for long term crating. It’s designed for short term and supervised moments. In my case we even left the zipper open and I could hop in and out whenever I wanted!

About the Product!

So now that you know that it’s a simple slipcover that adjusts to fit most popular sizes of folding quad chairs with up to a 23″ seat; here are a few other things you might like to know:

  • Large, tough, coated polyester mesh walls on four sides and tough 400D nylon rip stop upper is super easy to wash with water!
  • Heavy duty 600D coated polyester waterproof flooring with abrasion resistant pads means you don’t have to worry about anything under your pup ripping it or nails getting through.
  • Self-locking zippers on large opening to interior – or as I call it “the doorway to nap time”.
  • Staking loops at four corners of base should you need them in places like the beach!
  • Extra pockets on wrapping panel super useful for poop bags, water and the ever omnipresent IPhone!
  • Convertible shoulder strap/pet lead. Padded carrying handle … we’ve never used it but I’m sure it will come in handy one day!


Installation takes less than 5 minutes and is a onetime deal! Once installed it closes with the chair to become a carrying case. No need to remove it. No more re-bagging your chair. Should you have any trouble putting it together you can always call or message WrapSit and they will happily help you out. But honestly? You will not need to! We got it right first round. Instructions came with the chair and were easy to follow. They also have a great video!

Customer Service!

A most important element of any product is the customer service around it. Every step of the way this company was lovely to deal with. In fact when the rep from WrapSit heard us say we’d have to buy a chair (we planned on getting one for our beach trips on an upcoming road trip through the Maritimes of Canada) they surprised the heck out of us when we not only received our WrapSit but a chair to go with it. That was FAR beyond anything we expected. Talk about making a blogger feel appreciated and valued.  I know that as a small company they can’t do this for everyone and we are particularly touched that they felt compelled to do so for us. THANK YOU!

WrapSit the Best Slip Cover Crate for Outdoor Adventure - Montecristo Travels review

Sunset near Charlotte Town PEI! The bugs are out! Dad might be down with being a buffet but I am not! Here I am safe.

In review: An AMAZING product that we honestly can’t believe we lived without for so long. Not only has it been put to good use on our road trips for things like beach going, or keeping me at a safe distance from a fire pit and such… but it’s also turned out to be an incredible product for pit stops along highways when the bipeds need to find a way to eat outside with me because dogs can’t go into restaurants in North America.

We now keep it on its chair permanently in the trunk of our car during the warmer months. Heck, we even pulled it out when meeting a friend at a coffee shop patio to keep me securely out of the way! Sure I enjoy snuggling on laps but sometimes … sometimes a dog likes having their own space.

What do you think? How many places would you be able to use the WrapSit?

73 Comments on “WrapSit the Best Slip Cover Crate for Outdoor Adventure

  1. This is such a clever yet simple device that can really keep your small dog from injury or getting lost in a strange location. When you’re on the road, your dog usually wants to be near you, but holding him in your arms isn’t always the best solution. If used at a picnic or other event, it also keeps your dog from eating anything dropped under the table or begging from others.

  2. WHAT A GREAT IDEA!!! I have never really considered a “travel” dog crate because well, usually, I don’t want just one more thing to carry. Especially to the beach or a park. BUT.. this is awesome! I wonder if Roxie would fit comfortably in one. I think she would, and she loves to find little places to curl up in the shade. I may have to go take some measurements. I appreciate (a lot) that you have had this product for an entire year at the time of this review. It’s good to know that something is going to hold up more than a month or so. Great review!

    • Thank you Debbie! Yes it has stood the test of time. We’ve done so many things with it. It still opens up – and is ready to go. Easy to clean too with just a wet cloth. It looks like new to be honest. Heck – we even used it in the parking lot at a farmers market when Mom suddenly didn’t feel so good. We just popped it open and i hung out below and Dad wen on to get some goodies! It’s really a perfect item. Well worth the investment. I am sure Roxie will fit!

    • Hey, Debbie. A couple of thoughts about Roxie’s size. Wrapsit is really more about a safe haven or get-away than about long term containment, so a pet’s personality may be almost as important as size. We have customers whose medium sized dogs love squeezing in to curl up and rest. Just keep in mind how your pup will use the space. Hope it helps.

  3. Great values (yay, fellow vegan). I appreciate honest reviews and a blogger that is willing to share the good, the bad, and the ugly. That said, I’m glad you were pleased with this product. It looks like it would be extremely useful and Montecristo looks quite comfortable.

    • Yes vegans … well the bipeds are. I still have a 45% meat content in my food. Health and all that.

      And thank you, our requirements have made us unattractive to many but we are insistent. If I hate a product I want the freedom to shout “Buyer beware!” and not simply remain silent.

      I do love it. We are now looking at cooling pads that would fit well … gel ones are looking promising. I have a cooling vest but … options!

  4. Wow this is totally cool! I want one!! I know for me I am particular about reviews and only write about things I have tested and love but a brand agreeing to a long test period like this truly IS amazing! It tells me volumes not only about the people behind the brand but the product itself! It tells me they really believe in their product, that it is excellent quality! Also that you still love it after the honeymoon period speaks volumes too!

    • Indeed! And I think we can “afford to be that picky” in large part because we are not a “product review” site. They are rare and not our “bread and butter” if you will. SO I get that for many it’s not a big deal if the review needs to occur short term. BUT … like we said… we wonder what would happen if a product DID have to stand the test of time. Especially items like this – or say an airline carrier – that is going to get really dirty, is going to be placed in areas where rips are likely etc. We are thrilled with this companies attitude, their patience, the generous spirit in customer service. And if you don’t have one … get one. Heck – I have friends who do NOT have pets and STILL got one because it just makes such great sense as a spot to store everything!

    • Thank you, Joely. Our first run was of such poor quality we refused to sell them and changed manufacturers. The year-long review period helped validate the quality of our current units.

  5. I have one of these and think it is pretty cool. Our corgis are just a tad big for it though. It works best with rather small dogs.

  6. This is such a great idea! If I had a dog this is a product I would definitely purchase. I love how it gives the dog a safe place to rest right under your chair. Perfect for the beach!

  7. Its so unfortunate this doesn’t work for larger dogs, it would be perfect for a trip to the beach for some shade I guess I’ll have to look into a tent or something instead but it sounds great for easier going small dogs! I appreciate that both you and Wrapsit took the time to make sure this product was put through so many tests and time!

    • Thanks for taking time to read and comment, Karlee. Wrapsit certainly isn’t for everyone, but everyone knows someone who could use it. Please help us share!

  8. Thank you for the thorough review! What I like best about this product is it allows dogs to essentially be right with their owners in a comfortable space. When my husband and I used to take our toy poodle to agility, he sat on our laps or in a nearby crate. Under our chair would have been so ideal!

    • Yes! because sometimes dogs want to be close but still “in their own space”. We have a soft foam dog bed to add in there for colder weather snuggles.

  9. This is a great idea for small dogs! My dog, Nelly, would be pretty content in it. I wish I would had this when I took her to the kids’ soccer games.

  10. Wow! I think I saw someone else review this previously, but I think it’s a great product! I like how you insist on giving a product plenty of time before you review it. I currently have a company wanting me to review something with litter and expecting a review within a few weeks, which isn’t always possible with cats.

    • Oh gosh … yeah a few weeks … just not enough. It really isn’t. Unless you right a “caveat” stating time will tell … or something like that.

  11. What a simple but clever and useful idea! and a great review, I love your guidelines for reviewing products and that you stick to your code of conduct!

    • Thank you! It took us a while to figure out but now that we have – the guidelines feel right. So now … we might from time to time do a review.

  12. Thanks for the reminder. I have wanted to try one of these for awhile. It’s such a clever idea and seems like it would work equally well for a cat or a dog.

    • Absolutely it would! I have no doubt. Only thing for cats would be the claws maybe damaging the netting but … I don’t know if they would sharpen claws that way?

    • We have a customer who takes her cat hiking and camping with Wrapsit! I don’t believe a cat would be able to damage the mesh unless left alone for a long time. If someone finds out differently, please let me know!

  13. That looks very clever, practical and cozy. I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t hold any of our guys … though there are probably not many squirrels at the beach 😉

    • True – it’s more a small dog thing. But I know non-dog owners that got it because it’s an amazing place just to store your purse and other stuff when out at events (fireworks or family picnics etc.).

    • Guess your guys are bigger? We did add staking loops at the four corners so that even the small critter-chasers couldn’t run off with the chair when no one is sitting in it. 😀

    • You must have gotten one of the sample/display units at BlogPaws 1.5 ago! Because they were created for display units, they are not of the same quality as the retail units and likely won’t last as long. They would still be perfect for keeping your purse and other personal items dry and secure while enjoying an outing or event.

  14. I love this … it might solve a multitude of problems for me. First, I’ll measure my dog to see if he’ll fit but if he does, it’s a great retreat from the direct sun at a beach and … eating while on a road trip. I’m often travelling with just me and the dog so there’s no one to ‘hold’ him while I go to places he can’t go. This way we can do take out (or drive through) then picnic outside the car – for a break.

    • We use it for that all the time now!! well not in the winter months since it’s between -25C and -40C but you know… the rest of the year!

  15. Wow what a clever invention. Perfect to keep your small dogs protected from harm, the sun, heat/fire and have their own space like you mentioned. Portable too. Big plus, especially when traveling on the road. Will share.

  16. Definitely a clever & useful product. We have often times found ourselves without enough shade, especially when we lived in Phoenix, Arizona where trees are in short supply.
    Love & biscuits,
    Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them

  17. I have one of these (OK I have the prototype version!) and eve though we don’t have a small dog its a genius idea and we are glad you are so impressed.

    The WrapSit really is a terrific product and we appreciate your thoughtful and excellent review.

    • I have a few friends that got one – they don’t even have a pet – but just to stow away their stuff. it really is a great product.

  18. Clever idea! I know a few people at the dog park who may like this product. Heck, some of them may even use it at the dog park if the regular crowd is there and their pup wants some private space.

  19. I love this concept; I wonder if it’s big enough for a beagle? It seems like such a useful product, keeps your dog close by, but gives them their own space.

    • Deborah, before I developed Wrapsit, a beagle owned me. He would have fit in Wrapsit (he was small) but I definitely would have left the zippers open, him on the lead and the unit staked on all four corners!! 😀

  20. What an amazing product! Rooney would love one of these for our Beach Days because he always ends up looking for shade to rest. Thank you for sharing!

  21. Thank you, Debbie! Yes, it has stood the test of time. We’ve done so many things with it. It still opens up – and is ready to go. Easy to clean too with just a wet cloth. It looks like new, to be honest.

  22. Such a super clever idea! Why haven’t I put a thought for it before! That is so great! Thanks for sharing. I’m so in love with this blog!

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