Privacy Policy

Here at Montecristo Travels, we don’t collect a lot of user data. However, we do have and usually keep any data you send us by email (including your email address and name and any information you send in the body of your email). We do not sell this information or share it publicly without consent.

We also allow commenting on our blog posts. Our comment form requires name and email and has optional fields for your website and comment. The name, website, and comment are displayed in the comment area on the site when you submit a comment and your email address is stored in WordPress along with the information from those other fields. We do not use this information for marketing purposes and do not sell the information to third parties.

This website may use cookies to keep you logged in to comment or otherwise improve your user experience.

This website also uses Google Analytics, which stores information such as browser type, geographic location, device type (mobile phone, desktop computer), and page view/number of visitor trends. This data is not connected to any of your personal data by us and we use it to track overall trends, not specific users.